Top 5 Android Applications in 2021

Android Applications in 2021

Finding the best android applications in 2021 is not a hard task. All you need to do is to have an Android phone, but where the stress may come in is locating the main app which you need, and that’s where we experts come in as we have properly searched the Play Store to find the best Android apps, and we put them through the test to find the most useful.

Many factors have been considered to put up this list. We looked at the camera apps, fitness and health apps, and photo editing apps for Android before compiling this list. We considered their compatibility, their performance, and their shortcomings before putting this list together. Just as online casino players check online Canada casino to confirm which casino to play on, we have conducted due diligence, and you can trust this list to search for your favorite apps.

5 Best Android Applications in 2021

Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab is currently among the best photo editor apps for Android in 2021. This application is packed with some of the best features of digital photo editing. The app offers over 100 effects, with many of them customizable, giving you the perfect effect for your image.

The app also offers users the option to build an edit from scratch with several tweaks and effects. Many of itsfeatures are free but to get the best out of Glitch Lab, you would have to get the PRO version which goes for $6.49/£5.99. The recent app update sees over 47 new effects added, 37 new free effect features, increase and output, and a few more glitches.

One major disadvantage of this app is that if you’re used to more advanced forms of Photo editing, you may not be satisfied with what this application has to offer, but asides that a few design glitches which keeps getting rectified, this is one of the best photo editing apps for the year.  

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1Weather is one of the best weather forecasting apps out there. This application has a simple page number design that shows users their current weather forecast for up to 12 wks. It also has a radar that shows off when you’re approaching severe weather condition and other fun stats that is useful to the user.  

The application features a decent set of lightly customizable severe weather notifications and widgets that will turn out helpful. The user interface is easy to move around, and the weather fun facts make the app fun to use. The application offers users a free version but comes with lots of advertising, while the paid version, which costs $1.99 comes with no advertisements.

A major conis the fact that the user ads are positioned right next to the menu button, so there is a high chance that you may click on one of these ads. You have to be patient with the app, but it serves its purpose diligently.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage system provided by Google made available on Android. Users are given 15GB of free storage space when they sign up, but space is not limited as you can buy more space to upgrade your storage slot. Google Drive is such a special application because of the suites of applications within the app.

Some of the suites attached to this application include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Keep, and Google Calendar. Between the suites of applications supporting this drive, you have all the necessary tools in terms of productivity.

Spinz Casino

Spinz Casino is also a part of the best online casino applications for Android. The Casino offers players a wide range of games with excellent service and fast response time. The casino provides over 750 slots minus the different range of table games and jackpots to entice the players.

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The service provider may not be well-known but they do provide the best quality service and great welcome offers for players. They have a payout speed of 3 days, and it’s a lot quicker if your use the e-wallets system. The casino app also offers live dealer games so players can try their hands on Roulette and live games.

However, the downside to this app is that accessing their live chat feature is only possible after registration. They also charge fees for deposit and withdrawal charges, so it’s not entirely free to use this app, but it’s worth it.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is one of those must-have android applications available for use this year. This application serves as a password manager that lets users save every crucial login detail in a very secure and encrypted way. The app also provides users with hard passwords to use on any of their accounts.

All these features and more are controlled through a master password. The platform also has multiple platform support but that is only usable when you afford the premium version of the app. This cross-platform support allows users to use the password manager on multiple devices that include mobile devices and computers.

Additionally, users can also afford the premium version as it’s not too expensive. You can also download the LastPass password authenticator to go along with it for extra security. You can try your hands on the free LastPass alternatives to acclimatize with the apps

Final Thoughts

These are the best applications available to use in 2021 for Android devices. You can get these applications and many more alternatives in the android play store at any time of your choice. These apps would surely meet your needs and help you achieve that desired result.


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