Top 5 Business Yard Signs Mistakes You Should Avoid

Business Yard Signs Mistakes

Have you ever saw a business that has a damaged or broken or missing yard sign? You probably questioned the establishment or professionalism of the business as no one seems to bother about the condition and appearance of the yard sign. Now imagine if the same business has clear, attractive, and well-maintained signage. This will undoubtedly make you confident about the image of that particular brand. Many business owners underestimate the importance of yard signs for their business. The signs represent the face of your business and the impact will be doubled if you include your business’s logo. This is why you must treat yard signs as one of the most important marketing methods because signage represents the quality of your services and products. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Business Yard Signs Mistakes You Should Avoid. Let’s begin.

Your Color Choice is Poor

This is one of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make while choosing their yard signs. Maybe you have a particular color choice in your mind, but if the color fails to deliver enough contrast, you might end up creating a yard sign that is attractive but not readable from a distance.

Or maybe you want to boost the visibility. So, you choose high-contrast and bright colors and end up creating signage that provides no purpose to your business. Nevertheless, you should always choose colors that have enough contrast so that people can read them from a distance. However, be wise with your choice of colors as some particular colors can make you look cheap and gaudy. 

The Spacing is Uneven

As per Forbes, this is one of the worst mistakes. Just like choosing the wrong color, uneven spacing can also put stress on the eyes. This problem arises specifically on roadside advertisements and DIY small business signs. However, this mistake can be avoided when you hire a professional sign designer.

If you’re thinking to design outdoor signage, don’t forget to keep some spacing. Make sure the fonts and letters you use have the same space throughout the yard sign. 

Additionally, the spacing should be relevant to your text size. If you use inappropriate or negative spacing, it will reduce the visual appearance of your signage. However, the spacing is highly dependent on your design as well as the number of images and information included in your yard sign.

Transfer Issues

This is another major signage mistake that can be avoided by hiring a professional signage designer. If you’re designing yard signs on your own, make sure to take precautions. When you transfer your design to the printing software, it may backflip the letters or makes them upside down. This is why you should take precautions if you’re handling the process alone. Flipped images or letters can ruin an attractive sign.

You Choose Wrong Material

Most people make mistakes while choosing the perfect material for their yard signs. Remember that your signage will be displayed outside your store. Hence, you should always consider the weather before choosing materials. No matter if the heather is calm or harsh, your signage must be able to endure them.

If you live in a hot climate zone, then you should choose fade-resistant ink and material as your yard sign will be exposed to sunlight. If the weather is rainy, consider choosing waterproof materials. Additionally, if you want your signage to last for years, you can choose acrylic or vinyl as they’re extremely durable as well as weather-resistant. 

However, make sure the materials are relevant to the image of your brand. 

You Make Improper Installation

You should always install yard signs properly for the safety of your visitors and staff. Proper installation also helps yard signs to last for years. If you drill the wrong hole, it will damage the signage along with the material and the colors. 

It may also make your yard sign unattractive. If you’re confused about the installation process, always consult with a professional to secure your yard sign in a perfect location.


These are the 5 business yard sign mistakes you should avoid. The best way to avoid these problems is by consulting with a professional. Unflawed yard signs will help you to achieve better results in a short amount of time. Always choose eye-soothing and relevant colors to boost the impact of your yard sign. Additionally, don’t forget to double-check the fonts, the spacing, and most importantly, your business’s logo.

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