Top 5 Sources Of Sustainable Energy That The World Should Switch To In 2020

Sources Of Sustainable Energy


The world’s increasing dependence on fossil fuel is contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change. We are not only depleting our natural resources but also releasing harmful toxins into the air. 

Oil, Coal and Natural Gas are all perishable sources of fuels. However, our increasing reliance on them means that companies, which are into this industry, are taking drastic and radical steps. 

They are cutting down mountains, digging up water basins and burning down forests, for discovering new fossil fuel fields. It is high time that we wake up to the reality of global warming and climate change destroying our planet. 

In order to reverse the damage that has already been done, we should move towards cleaner sources of energy. In this article, we will discuss the top five renewable and sustainable sources of energy. 

Top 5 Sustainable Sources of Energy to try in 2020: The List

1. The Power of the Sun: Solar Energy-

While the solar power innovation dates back to many decades, the push towards seriously adopting this energy has been made in recent years. Harnessing the power of the sun can help us satisfy our energy requirements. 

Vast swathes of desert can be converted into fully functional solar fields in order to create eco-friendly and sustainable energy. 

Whenever you are looking to use a sustainable form of energy like the sun, it is important that you also invest in energy storage solutions at Enovatek. This will allow you to store your sustainable energy and use it when the source is not available. 

2. The Renewable Power of Wind Energy-

If you notice, the Scandinavian countries have taken the lead when it comes to Wind Energy. Their climatic conditions are such that harnessing credible and high voltage energy through wind becomes a real possibility. 

USA too is one of the leaders when it comes to wind energy. However, critics are skeptical of the high initial investment and the noise that is generated form the turbines. 

3. Reusable Water Energy: Hydro Power-

One of the major advantages of using hydropower is the reusable and recyclable nature of the water. This means that water, which is used for generating the electricity, can again be reused. Thereby giving back to the natural ecosystem. 

Hydroelectric power was one of man’s earliest inventions related to renewable sources of energy. In addition, it should be pointed out that hydropower continues to be the cheapest source of electricity in the world. 

4. Power from the Earth’s Core: Geothermal Energy-

There are tremendous heat and pressure inside the Earth’s core. This has been used very effectively for generating huge volumes of energy. According to data, geothermal energy raises about 11,000 Mega Watts of electricity all around the world. 

Apart from skilled installation and space, geothermal is a very efficient way to raise electricity in 2020. Many nations are experimenting with this form of energy in their respective countries. 

5. The Power of used Vegetable Oils: Biofuels-

According to scientists over at the International Energy Agency, Biofuel is expected to power over 27% of the global vehicle population in the world by 2050. This is a staggering number to say the least.

Biofuel consists of recyclable vegetable oil, animal fat greases and so on. The process of transforming the same into a workable vehicle fuel does not require huge investments as well. 


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Experienced Energy Lawyers like Douglas Healy are of the view that companies and governments should look at using the existing infrastructure for renewable energy. 

He also states that the intent should be there to draft and frame new rules, laws and regulations for the usage of sustainable sources of energy in the world. 


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