Top 5 Topics Ideas for Essay for High School Students in 2022

Essay for High School Students

Many students consider Essay for High School Students to be a waste of time, but they really aren’t! As a matter of fact, essays for high school students are more important than ever. That’s because essay writing teaches you how to think critically and develop your own point of view on any given topic and buy an essay paper online.

However, we understand that crafting a well-planned piece of paper may look like a bit too much for you at this stage of your academic career. What’s worse, it is often difficult to come up with the actual theme of your paper. If you’re struggling with essay writing, our friends at the essay writing service have prepared five Essay for High School Students that might as well help you get started.

Let’s take a look!

1. The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

Numerous reports reveal that billions of people use social networks on a daily basis. But with more and more users communicating online, it’s important to consider the effect that social media has on our ability to form and maintain relationships. Here are a few questions you’d like to answer in this essay:

  • What are the pros and cons of social media?
  • How has it changed the way we interact with others?
  • Do you think it’s making us more or less social?

2. The Power of Processed Food

With so much of our food being heavily processed these days, it’s important to consider the impact that this has on our health. While we know it’s a broad subject that spreads over multiple science disciplines, it can be interesting to focus on the biology of processed foods. A few key questions you may want to answer are:

  • What are some of the most common processing techniques?
  • What are the health risks associated with consuming processed food?
  • Could we improve our diets by eating more whole foods?
  • How can we make sure that we’re getting enough nutrients from our diet?

3. The Decline of Local News Outlets

In an age of online news and fake news, it’s important to consider the role that local news outlets play in our society. While it’s easy to get our news from social media or online sources, we often forget about the hard-working journalists who are trying to keep us informed about what’s happening in our communities. These are the topics you could cover in your essay:

  • What is the future of local news?
  • What challenges do local news outlets face?
  • What are the benefits of having local news sources?

4. The Importance of a Good Education

There’s no doubt that a good education is important. But what does “good” mean? In this essay, you could explore the different meanings of “good education” and how it can impact our lives. You could discuss the following topics:

  • What is a good education?
  • How important is a good education?

What are the benefits of a good education?

5. The Role of Technology in Education

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and its impact is evident in all spheres, including education. While some teachers and students believe that technology can be a great teaching aid, others are convinced that it’s nothing but a distraction. So, what is the truth? Here are several questions you might want to answer in your essay:

  • What is the role of technology in education?
  • Is technology a help or a hindrance?
  • How does technology change the way we learn?
  • What challenges does technology pose for educators?


These are only five possible topics for your high school essay. Remember that these are only the basic tips that come in a very broad form. In other words, you can feel free to play around with them and come up with your own unique angle. That’s the best option if you want to think of something that really interests you as a high school student.

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