Top 8 summer trends 2019 for women

Summer Trends 2019

Summer has set in and it is time to revamp your wardrobe for this year. The summer trends 2019 reflects a blend of bold and beautiful but is yet soft and elegant.

The trends are extremely diverse and you can dawn a new look every day. You just have to go with what you feel like and you are set to make the roads your runway.

Best spring summer 2019 fashion trends

From Paris to Milan, from London to New York, every year the fashion weeks for spring-summer get temperatures high! Here, we list you the top styles we handpicked to make you look hotter:

1. Bike shorts and blazers

We had to start off with the wacky summer trends fashion because it’s too good to be true. Imagine bicycling to work with blazers on – people who can carry it will make a statement for sure!

This 2019 fashion trend forecast came about due to athleisure or casual clothing trend. Most people now look for ways to make casual clothing stylish yet formal. The blend of high waist bike shorts with blazers gives you a combination of sportswear and stylish tailoring, making it striking yet chic.

Although it might not be the ideal look you try for either office or gym, it is perfect to hit the streets for a weekend brunch with your besties.

The best part is, you might already have a blazer and pair of biking shorts to figure out how it looks on you. If you think it suits you, try buying the perfect match!

Bike shorts and blazers

Image Credit: Fashion Trend Walk

2. Animal Prints

Animal prints have been on and off the fashion trend for a few years now. The summer trends 2019 show that it is again a street style look that makes you stand out and portray a bold image.

The loud leopard prints are one of the favorites of fashionistas all across the globe. These prints work on several garment types like pants, dresses, suits, coats, and more.

Let your inner jungle cat come out as you unleash your wild side and take up striking and vibrant color tones. You can also consider an all animal print look by wearing a dress or a jumpsuit. If you wouldn’t want to go that bold, buy a leopard print bag or shoes to just be playful and in trend.

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Animal Prints

Image Credit: British Vogue

3. Formal boiler suits

The summer trends 2019 men and women include several utilitarian designs. Major cities have tried this look and the results were stylish yet formal.

Boiler suits are originally a one-piece protective garment worn by manual laborers. Today, it is a fashion trend and all you need to do is pick the most suitable color.

These typically look like a long-sleeved jumpsuits that come with a variety of fabulous styles. Just Google to find the trend collection, but don’t mistake the authentic labor-wear for these.

Boiler Suits

Image Credit: Stellar Magazine

4. Lavender tones

From Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala dress to Priyanka Chopra’s go-to color tone, lavender is ideal for the summer trends 2019.

The ultraviolet color tone was literally the Pantone tone for summer trends 2018. However, this year’s street styles prefer a softer lavender option.

You can try shades that have little difference from light purple to lavender, and they will all look extremely stylish.

You can buy dresses, coats or even try out head-to-toe ensembles. From boots to accessories too, this color is here to stay this season. Lavender is soft, subtle, and elegant – give it the importance it asks for!

Priyanka Chopra in a lavender dress

Image Credit: Esquire

5. The shoulder puffs

The 2019 fashion trends women continue to use the puff style as we’ve already seen for a while now. Earlier, the puff left a minimal effect on your clothes, but things have absolutely changed now.

The season saw several style attendees wearing lashings of fabric and flaunting their eye-catchy puffs. The bold ruffles and baggy silhouettes have also triggered the statement of puff shoulders on dresses and blouses.

You may not know that these striking and stylish looks were extremely popular during the ‘80s. It came back during 2017-18 and is here to stay for your perfect daytime style. Make sure the rest of the look is subdued so that the entire look doesn’t seem over-the-top.

The shoulder puffs

Image Credit: Getty Images

6. Neo-Gothic

The fashion trends 2019 still hold onto the neo-gothic vibe that has been popular over the years now. From the love of black to the inspirations of dark movies, this trend is something that most people like to try.

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If you’re headed to a party, you can consider the bold neo-gothic look. If you want to wear this trend, keep yourself in an overall black ensemble and match it up with trending pieces.

Make sure your look brings out a chic twist and not negative vibes. Consider trying a black lipstick to make them look more sexy or simply stick to the all-time ruby red.


Image Credit: The Trend Spotter

7. Colorful tartans

The fashion forecast 2019 spring summer retained yet another style – the tartans. These were seen in London, Paris, Milan, and New York. However, the traditional print wasn’t worn as subtly as men wear tartans to work.

The fashion weeks exhibited some of the eye-catching colors with quirky designs. If you want to try out a look with a tartan you have at home already, pick up the suit or pant and pair it with a classic pattern. The bold colors like red, blue, yellow, and green will bring out the inner fashionista in you. Make sure you blend it with a subtler tone that doesn’t overshadow the tartan.

Colorful tartans

Image Credit: Everything 5 Pounds

8. Patchwork

Did your grandma also love patchwork and made clothes by joining several pieces of clothing? Remember how much you used to hate when she did that and you could only wear those clothes at home?

Well, believe it or not, patchwork in s trend now and its also time that we appreciate what our granny did for us. They were way ahead of us all and now fashion weeks in New York and Parish have taken this trend up.

You can buy patchwork clothing through jumpsuits, dresses, pant, and much more. They are colorful and sew in contrasting pieces of fabric to give you an eclectic vibe. Make sure you team the clothing with block-colored garments or accessories, to reflect it as its best!

Patchwork clothing

Image Credit: Fashion Lady

The summer 2019 accessories trends include shrunken bags and bucket hats. Consider adding them to your fashion mantra to complete a look. Also, make sure your shoes don’t just fit but also match the style of what you wear. These significant changes will keep you going and then we’d bring you the fall 2019 fashion trends collection!

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