Top 8 ways to protect the environment

Protect the environment

A mobile application called ‘Face App’ recently went viral and everyone got busy checking how they’d look 20 years later. Alongside, there was a meme that showed how our earth is soon going to look given the current environmental condition. If the picture below doesn’t shake us already, then we’re all in for great trouble. If we don’t realize that the earth belongs to all of us and we have to take steps to protect the environment, we’d probably be the last generation to survive.

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Top 5 environmental crisis in 2019

The top five global environmental concerns in 2019 include:

  • Water scarcity
  • Deforestation
  • Climate change
  • Pollution
  • Mass extinction

All of these are interrelated and are getting worse day by day. Let’s find out what we could collectively do to bring in a change and make a difference.

How can you protect the environment?

It is inevitable that all of us cannot turn into environmentalists or devote all our time to the environment. But if we can make tiny lifestyle changes, we can make a big impact to save our natural resources. Check out some of the tiny changes we can incorporate in our day to day lives, to bring a difference:

1. Use reusable bags

Plastic is one of the most damaging elements created in the world, as it takes thousands of years to breakdown. Many countries like Kenya, France, Morocco, have banned plastic usage and took a step towards preventing the growing environmental hazard.

If you’re still allowed to use plastic in your country, you can stop taking them by using your own carry bags. Just keeping it in the car or making a point to carry a big bag every time you step out serves the purpose. It is not that difficult but definitely needs to be in practice to make it a lifestyle habit. If everyone could practice this and follow it every day, plastic production and sale will go down – that’s the agenda!

2. Reuse and recycle

There are 100 ways to protect the environment but the formula or reduce, reuse, and recycle is irreplaceable! Let’s assume that you refuse to reduce the number of things you need or buy. You can at least find a way to reuse them every after they’re at a disposable state.

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If you’re still buying bottled water sold in plastic bottles, keeping them at home to refill water is easy. You not only reuse an item but put plastic to substantial use. You can also Google to find the nearest location that recycles waste to check if there’s anything worth using again.

3. Save electricity

You might like to keep your home lit up during evenings, but you can shift to energy-efficient lights for that. These don’t just last long but they also save you a lot of money. You should always remember to turn off electrical devices and lights when they are not in use.

Try to keep the air conditioner low or try not using it all through the night if it’s not necessary. Keep your windows open to let some breeze in and promote cross ventilation. Many countries are switching over to solar energy to save electricity. If you are accessible to using solar power, use such resources to the fullest.

4. Save water

The world is running out of drinking water and useable water that we use for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and more. We are waiting for researchers to work on a way to make seawater usable, but it still a distant dream. The water bills have risen in most parts of the world, while some parts have little or access to it.

If we still have running water oozing out of the faucets and pure drinking water, we are few of the lucky people against many who have little or no access to clean water. We need to be more mindful about how much water we spend. For example, we must turn off our faucets while brushing our teeth or while applying soap on our hands or face. We must reduce the amount of water we use to shower and limit to as much as we really require.

It is smarter to pile clothes and wash a huge lot at once, rather than spending more water in installments. Be mindful while washing the dishes and also while cooking.

Once you become more careful with the amount of water you spend, you will always be alert. It is just a habit that soon becomes a part of your lifestyle.

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5. Save fuel

Looking forward on how to protect the environment from pollution? You can start by limiting the usage of cars and motorbikes until they are necessary. Populated countries like India and China have some of the worst global reports of traffic jams and air pollution. If we can sometimes choose to avail public transport, we don’t just save money but also save fuel and protect the environment.

If you need to travel a mile, you should walk instead of taking your own vehicle. Try and cycle around the neighborhood rather than using a motorbike or car. It saves you from hassles likes parking and also helps you exercise and stay active.

6. Plant trees

Deforestation is one of the major reasons for climatic change. The increasing level of global warming is being caused by deforestation. If you already have plants that you raise inside your house or in your garden, you are one step ahead of people who don’t. You can also volunteer for weekend programs that call in people to plant trees and spread awareness.

7. Reduce paper usage

Do you know that 40% of commercial cut timber goes into paper processing? It endangers natural habitat and takes tons of water. Thanks to the digital world, the usage of paper has gone down from what it used to be.

We might not go entirely paperless, but we must be careful about how much we use. Taking steps towards using less paper and preventing wastage of paper is vital.

8. Buy less, wear more

From following patchwork fashion trends to reusing old clothes, we can go a long way when it comes to buying fewer clothes. It is startling that 1 kg of fabric leads to 23 kg of greenhouse gas, and most people don’t consider this as vital as the other environmental factors. It is time to wear the fashion cap that gives you ideas to reuse and style with the clothes you have, instead of buying more.

Final thoughts

It is not difficult to take tiny steps towards doing what you can do about the environment. We need to stop ranting and expecting other people to save our world. We must collectively come together to put in our best to save the place we dwell in.

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