Top digital marketing trends of 2021

digital marketing trends

The retail landscape has changed considerably as a result of the pandemic, with customers developing new shopping patterns and raising their expectations for businesses. With the rise of virtual platforms to replace in-person encounters and campaign redesigns to accommodate the new reality, digital marketing has evolved just as much. However, because new technologies, behaviors, and trends emerge quickly, experienced marketers must see further ahead.

Because of this “new normal,” digital marketing has become a lifesaver for businesses looking to stay afloat, get new consumers, retain existing customers, and generate income. Online digital marketing courses can give you a deeper understanding of keeping up with these trends and growing your career. 

Top digital marketing trends of 2021

  1. Endorsements and Influencer Marketing

Endorsements and Influencer Marketing is review-based advertising, which highlights influential people in order to convey your company’s message to a larger audience. Influencers might be well-known celebrities or people with a sizable niche following, primarily on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. They can help you advance your brand image or products through the stages of internet media. Because of the real-time feedback, influencer endorsements have proven to be more genuine than corporate sponsorships over time.

  1. Segmentation of Customers

Customer segmentation isn’t new, but in 2021, we expect it to reach new heights. Big companies like Google and Facebook have so much data on their consumers that they better understand them than a human brain could have.

Segmentation by hand is becoming obsolete. The massive digital ad algorithms can micro-segment the perfect audience from 100 or so engagements. Of course, the goal is to increase customer engagement and retention, which will result in lower ad expenses and a higher customer lifetime value.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots, an AI-based technology that generates instant messages to communicate with consumers and site visitors, is now expected to be one of the top digital marketing trends. It is employed for written or auditory communication with customers.

Chatbots can also be used by businesses to engage with customers. Because when the website receives a large number of audience, it is advantageous to have a technology that can respond to hundreds of users at once. Customer support is available all the time, and rapid responses to basic questions are all advantages of using chatbots.

According to the recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) survey, 15% of organizations that are ahead of their competition in terms of technology and data intelligence have developed faster and are better positioned for the future.

63% of the respondents prefer messaging on chatbots to communicate with businesses or brands. This virtual help provides outstanding customer service, allowing a corporation to focus on more vital activities by eliminating repetitive tasks.

  1. In Google SERPs, pay attention to the “Featured Snippet.”

SEO’s “Holy Grail” has traditionally been to rank as high as possible in relevant Google searches.

From the Map Pack to the “Shopping” results to featured YouTube videos, different SERP results have served as vehicles, all while competing with more and more sponsored content as Google has favored its paying customers.

However, there’s a new kid on the block: a “featured snippet” of highlighted text that Google employs to answer the user’s inquiry without the user having to click on anything. Of course, this acts as a great challenge for digital marketers: how do you get the brand message in front of customers if they can receive answers without clicking anything?

The goal is to rank for the “featured snippet,” which provides just enough information to pique users’ curiosity and encourage them to click for additional information.

  1. Virtual Reality 

 The use of technology to create simulated settings is known as virtual reality or VR. By wearing a head-mounted display, VR allows you to experience and interact with a 3D world that isn’t real. By collecting inputs from the computer, the device produces a 3D virtual world that is immersive and virtually real.

VR’s ability to captivate users makes it a powerful tool for both learning and entertainment. It can assist users in acquiring a variety of competencies and talents if used correctly.

  1. SEO Techniques for Image Search

Search engine marketing evolves away from words and pictures, and videos, thanks to Google Lens, Google’s pioneering image-recognition AI technology. Reverse-Image Search on Google was the beginning. Google now allows users to search for anything with photographs, in a number of scenarios.

One can take a photo of a plant and use it as a search term to see if the plant is poisonous. Alternatively, they could upload a friend’s Instagram photo and geo-target that wonderful “fear-of-missing-out” photo to its exact location. Image-searching is another source of traffic that digital marketers may exploit and use to promote their clients’ businesses.

  1. Reels from Instagram 

For marketers and content developers, the Instagram Reels were fantastic news. Reels have been the finest replacement for TikTok since it was outlawed in a few places.

The good news is that Reels do provide more than double the engagement rates compared to posting a regular video.

  1. Marketing for Privacy

People and companies of this generation regard privacy as a top issue, and marketers who rely on it must choose between adhering to the new values and losing out. Rather than appearing arrogant, advanced marketing groups should be proactive in demonstrating their commitment to security in order to gain potential clients’ trust. Privacy marketing is one of the most exciting digital trends for 2021, and I believe no one should miss out!


SEO and digital marketing trends show us how something is progressing, changing, or moving in general. You must keep a continual eye out for them and assess their overall impact on your company’s digital marketing. ( Check out digital marketing courses online to get the most out of these trends. 

The year 2021 will see a shift in digital marketing trends toward automation and customization. The trends aim to provide customers with highly personalized information while also relieving the strain on marketers to do so, owing to artificial intelligence-powered automation technologies.

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