Top Preventive Measures to Beat Cybercrime

Penetration Testing

In this growing technology, everything is getting advance and fast. With your computer or phone device, you can perform many tasks instantly which seem too difficult a few decades back. Now you don’t have to walk out for shopping. Just go for online shopping and shop from around the globe! Now you don’t have to wait in a queue at the bank. You can transfer money easily with net banking. Everything seems so easy, magical, and simple. But as you know love is free but all magic comes with a price. This easy looking technology can cost you a lot. Just one mistake and you can lose everything! So, it’s always better to use this advanced technology with some security measures.

Use your sixth sense!

Everyone loves online shopping. When you are getting your favorite dress on 20% discount then there is no reason to wait. But what if you getting the same dress on a different website on 25% discount with free home delivery? What will you do? People often fall on these types of fake advertisement. When we browse anything over the internet; the adware starts showing various pop-ups and ads related to your browsing history. When you see a good discount; you quickly click on the pop-up without any second thought. There are various fake websites which show good deals for phishing. When you enter your credit card details for payment; keyloggers will steal your credentials and send it the attacker. So, if you want to keep yourself safe then do not shop from an unreliable website. Always check the rating and reviews before buying anything. If you feel anything suspicious then it’s better to not shop from that website.

Protect your account with a strong password

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Password is like the most preventive measure against any kind of hacking practices. Always create a strong password for your every account especially for your net banking and payment applications. Keeping your email id safe is vital because you need your email id for filling every registration form. If the attacker hacked your email id then he may access all your other accounts such as bank accounts, SNSs which are connected to it. Never use the same password for multiple accounts. If your one password gets compromised; a hacker can easily access your other accounts. You can use password manager of Setup Product Key and secure you all password and other financial details. 

Do not share too much

“You got a new pet! Let’s post it on Instagram” Whether you went to a restaurant, you brought a new dress or whatever; you post everything!  But is that safe? Never share too much about yourself. You should always keep your account private and add only known friends. Make sure you never share about upcoming events such as travel plans, meeting, etc. This may result in stalking and kidnapping kind of threats. Never share your personal details such as your phone number are a primary email address on SNS. Never trust an unknown person because you don’t the person sitting next behind the screen. 

Install antivirus software 

Antivirus is like one solution for all problems; it protects you from fake pop-ups, alerts you when you are about to access the suspicious website, provide firewall and VPN facilities for protecting your network and many more. If you are using your device for online shopping, business-related work, online payment, and net banking then installing antivirus is vital.

Hackers are developing new techniques for attacking you. But if you use the technology with preventive measures then no one can harm you.

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