Top Tips on Getting a Scholarship in Australia

How the students mentally prepare for board examination?

There are plenty of scholarship opportunities in Australia. Some programs are suited for students of any level. Some are meant for boys, and there are girls’ scholarships as well.

Scholarship programs, such as the RTP, Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship, and others, are backed by the Australian government.

This short guide includes tips you can use when hunting for a good scholarship program in the country.

#1–Apply As Often as You Can and As Early as You Can

There are times when scholarship applications can be nothing more than a numbers game. Remember that schools have limited funding regardless of their size. They can’t accommodate every applicant.

That means that those who applied earlier can get served a lot faster. This is true for all types of scholarship programs, including girls’ scholarships.

#2–Look for Other Providers of Scholarships

Schools aren’t the only educational institutions to offer scholarships. Australian education providers offer scholarships to even international students. Note that they provide these opportunities to students based on their academic merits.

You can even look for scholarships provided by local organizations in your area. For instance, if you are looking for girls’ scholarships, you might want to check local women’s organizations offering such opportunities.

#3–Do Your Best on the Application Essay

Remember that a committee will usually read your essay, and it will be one among hundreds of other essays that they will go over. That is why you need to pay attention to every detail when you compose that piece.

Here’s a big tip: Never introduce yourself in the essay. It’s one of the clichés that can easily get you disqualified. You don’t need to beat around the bush either, so get to the details of your essay fast.

You should also avoid using quotes. Remember that the essay is all about you. It should be unique and contain your own words.

Finally, make sure to stick to the word limit. Get the word count of your essay as close to the limit as possible, but never go over. In some organizations, exceeding that limit might get you disqualified.

#4–Go Local

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Make sure to look for scholarship opportunities in your community. You might be surprised to find a few who might want to have you. You can find benefactors, small businesses, and clubs in your city or town looking for students they can help.

The odds of getting a local scholarship is a lot higher compared to larger national organizations. 

  • Ask people who graduated near you.
  • Look for community portals on the internet and see if they have any offers.
  • Use geographical keywords when you search (e.g., “scholarships in Sydney”).
  • Contact local media outlets and ads for information.
  • Check with your school, guidance counselors, and even your teachers.

#5–Look for Scholarships That Require More Work

Chances are, when a scholarship program requires more work on the part of the students, there will be fewer students applying for that program. With fewer students applying, your chances of getting that scholarship are high.

For instance, your chances are better against 500 other students in a small or local grant for girls with lots of work requirements than to bigger ones that are easier but have more than 5,000 applicants for the same scholarship.


As you search for scholarships, remember that it will take a lot of hard work to get that grant. Give it your best shot and follow the tips that we have provided here.

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