Toys for 1 Year Old Boy to Improve Development Skills

Toys for 1 year old boy

Finding toys for a year old boy might prove to be daunting for several reasons. A one year old boy no longer remains an infant and starts to crawl over the toddlers’ threshold. Naturally, that boy would need toys that would offer more stimulation than simple chewing and crinkling. Now, as easy it might sound, you might not always find the perfect toys for 1 year old boy without doing some research.

The primary thing to keep in mind while looking for toys for 1 year old boy is that you need to select toys that would help in their cognitive development. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the toys you are choosing are made of non-toxic materials as the one year old might put it in their mouth. Keeping these primary criteria in mind, here is a list of toys that would be quite perfect for a one year old boy.

Mini Band Musical Instruments

The mini band musical instruments will make great gifts for a one year old boy. It would give the child the chance to play various musical instruments, simply by rattling or shaking them. The different sounds coming out of different instruments would keep them entertained, and they would also get to know about various musical equipment. Moreover, creating music out of such instruments would nurture their creative side as well. The musical instrument box comes in multiple sizes, and you can pick one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Car set

Boys tend to love cars. Therefore, a colorful set of toy cars will make an excellent gift for a one year old boy. Most of these sets come with cars belonging to different sizes, and that makes them a perfect choice as the child will be able to play with them even after a year or so. These toys keep the child moving as he pushes them through. They offer different kinds of sounds and lights as well to keep the toddler entertained. There are toy cars available that require remote controls and such toys help enhance the child’s cognitive ability.

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Toys for 1 year old boy

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have this amazing ability to make children happy. One year olds are especially attracted to such toys because of their softness and colors. Moreover, these toys come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Stuffed animals serve as great toys for 1 year old boys as they give them plenty of chances to play with their imagination. They can run around with the toys, and that would keep them active as well. The only thing to keep an eye on is to make sure that the child does not chew the toy or put it in his mouth. Colorful and fluffy stuffed toys are one of the best gifts to get a one-year-old boy.

Sports Toys

A great way to keep your one year old boy active is to give him sports toys. Some toys come as a combination containing both soccer and basketball games. The toys have their own sets of light and sound is thoroughly fun to play with. They even keep track of the score when the little boy is putting the ball in the net. These types of sports toys are beneficial to increase the muscle activities of small children. Playing with them also enhances their brain, hands, and legs coordination and helps them concentrate.

Name Puzzle

Puzzles can be entertaining for one year olds. They offer visual stimulation and the joy of creating something new from a bunch of haphazardly placed pieces. Since children often start learning letters from a year of age, it would be a good idea to give a one year old boy an alphabet puzzle. It would help him to learn the letters in a more fun way. Moreover, going forward with the puzzle, he will spell his name, which would be a real fascination for him. Besides his name, the parents can help him learn to spell other words and use the puzzle and fun.

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Coloring book and crayons

One year olds often love to be artistically creative, and what can be a better thing to give them than a coloring book and crayons? These coloring books, mostly made for one year olds come with fun shapes and figures to fill with colors. They are bound to keep the child entertained and busy while enhancing their creative abilities.

However, one should be extra careful while choosing the crayons to pose some health hazards to the child. The best option is to go for crayons that are not too thin and instead come in the size of the child’s fist. This will ensure that the child’s grip is firm on the crayon, and he does not create a mess out of it. Moreover, one should also keep an eye to stop the child from putting the crayons in his mouth as they might have elements not suitable for his health. With these factors being taken care of, coloring books and crayons can be the best toys for 1 year old boy.

Toys for 1 year old boy

Squeezing Toys

The appeal of squeezing toys never really fades among children, and the rule applies for one year old. Several squeezing toys available in the market are extra soft and come with their sounding equipment. They can keep a one year old boy thoroughly entertained with their softness and various sounds that come out when you squeeze them. However, it has to be ensured that the child does not put the toy in his mouth.

These are some of the best toys for one year old boys. Of course, there are many more options to choose from, but the appeal of the mentioned toys will never fail. They are readily available and will keep the child entertained as well as busy.

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