Travel to India and enjoy it to the fullest with these tips

India is becoming a very popular vacation destination. However, it is a country whose unique culture and lifestyle radically differ from other countries. You must often be cautious when preparing the perfect trip, given that food, security, transport change and other factors can potentially ruin a perfectly good trip. Keeping an itinerary can save you a lot of time, as well as following these tips to make the most of your time in India. 

Essential documents to travel to India

Remember that a visa is required if you are to travel to India. You can apply for this official document online and get an online visa, known as the eVisa. Prices vary according to the time you apply for. There is a 30-day visa, which is the usual one for tourists, followed by a one-year visa and a 5-year visa. If you take the 30-day eVisa you have to take into account that you can only enter the country twice while the document is valid. Another option is the electronic visa, where all paperwork is done through the travel agency you have contracted. 

Another important aspect is to take out international travel insurance. Several diseases can be contracted in India and you can never be too sure it won’t happen to you. So, it’s better to be safe with a travel insurance. One option may be the AITI. Likewise, before getting on the plane to embark on your adventure in India, ensure you have been properly vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid Fever. You should get all these vaccinations one month before your trip.

When to travel to India

All countries have better and worse seasons. This is due to the weather and the plane ticket prices. The high season in India is Easter. However, July and December are when tickets are more expensive. ( Prices usually range between 400 and 600 euros and the main airlines that fly there are Qatar Airways, Emirates and Air India, amongst others. 

However, although the high season is Easter, you are encouraged to actually travel to India between November and March because, during this period, the weather encountered is the most comfortable. It is true that it will be colder in certain regions, for example, in Northern India, where temperatures can reach 9º C. Otherwise, it hardly rains during these months, nor is it as hot as it is in the summer months. By booking in advance, the trip can be reasonably priced. 

What to take to India

The first thing is that India has different plugs than other countries, so you will need the proper adapter. You may find some type C plugs. Moreover, when traveling between different places and cities, bringing some entertainment is almost mandatory. 

It is always essential to bring a hobby to pass the time in the most boring moments. The more artistic ones can take a blog where they can draw fantastic monuments or even the most colorful landscapes. Most movie buffs are better off downloading all the best seasons of their favorite series or movies on their mobile or tablet for long hours of travel. For gamers, it is best to have an internet connection. Depending on what games they are looking for, they should access some pages or others. Those who enjoy  games can play roulette online India at specialized sites. It is possible to play American or French roulette for free or real money, depending on the player’s objective. Besides, playing online allows you to play wherever you are most comfortable and allows you to opt for great advantages such as game bonuses. Also, if tourists feel lonely at any time, they can access a live roulette game where they may interact with other players and the croupier.

Finally, the currency is different in India, so it is always good to exchange some cash. Also, if you pay by card, you will most likely be charged a commission, as well as withdrawing money. The Revolut card is a good solution and you can recharge and use it without any problem. 

India is a country that offers much for those who know where to look. It is a highly recommended destination for a vacation, but only to go for a short period. The minimum time would be 7 days to make a route and experience all the country’s richness. 

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