Types of Blogs That Your Company Should Be Publishing

Blogs That Your Company Should Be Publishing

If you already own a business, then you know just how important it is to have an informative, well-written blog to drive traffic to your website. However, deciding what type of content to include in your blog is often difficult, especially if you aren’t a natural writer. Consider these types of blogs as options when choosing your next piece to publish.

List Blogs

Readers love numbered lists, so be sure to ask for some the next time that you hire the best blog writing service. There are lots of ways that you can create lists related to your industry. If you’re in healthcare, you can provide an article on the best up-and-coming technology in the field. Perhaps you’re in the restaurant business. Create a shoutout post about the top five items on your menu. Avoid creating lists on topics unrelated to your industry, though. Straying from the topic could leave you looking less than knowledgeable.

Personal Stories

Consumers like to feel that the companies they interact with are their friends. Create that personalized touch by telling a personal story in your company’s blog. There are so many options. Does your company have a unique startup story? Tell it from your perspective. Maybe you have plenty of employees. Why not create a look behind the scenes with an employee spotlight post once per month? You might even consider showcasing other businesses that you partner work with or even showing off your most loyal customers if they approve.

How-To Posts

Teach your readers how to do something. Are you in the fashion industry? Use your blog to tell your readers how to style your latest pieces. Do you run a dog grooming company? Write blogs about how to keep dogs clean and healthy between grooming services? Think about what your3 industry specializes in to determine which types of how-to posts your readers may be most interested in.

Review Posts

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you have items you use often, such as software, a certain vendor, or something else. If the other business agrees to it, perhaps you can trade reviews. Write about your experience with a certain product or service, taking care to be realistic and honest, and ask the other company to do the same for you. You might also consider allowing an affiliate blog to write a guest post on yours to review your own products.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you own a business, especially one that provides unique services, then chances are you have had people ask you the same questions repeatedly. Rather than take up time responding to emails or answering phone calls that ask the same questions repeatedly, why not create a blog based on your company’s frequently asked questions? This way, you’ll have an informative blog to post as well as be able to link the page of frequently asked questions in various places on your website, such as on your homepage and in your footer. As more people discover the FAQ page, fewer of them will contact you with questions.


Not every blog post needs to be text (and in fact, even those with text should include images or videos to break the content into chunks). Sometimes, the best blog post is one with no real text at all. Enter the infographic. Infographics use text, imagery, colorful designs, and more to draw in the reader and provide him or her with bite-size tidbits of information. They are easier for the reader to skim, more entertaining, and help the reader to remember more information than a traditional blog does.

Regardless of what type of blog posts you decide to put on your website, it’s a good idea to work with professional writers. This ensures that the proper research is done and that proper spelling and grammar are used throughout the posts.

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