Types of Materials to Choose for Carports

materials for Carports

Building a house takes brick and mortar but building a home takes much more than that. Each area results from a thought process with numerous ideas, materials, colors, and themes being weighed in with one final winner. Though it may sound tiring, it is always worth it. But, the process doesn’t end at the doors and extends up to the carport areas, especially if the desired plan is of a pergola carport.

Before getting into the tips, let’s understand what this design type means.

Understanding the term

A pergola is an outdoor structure made up of columns that support a beam and rafter roofing grid. This roofing grid can either be left open or covered to provide a weather-protected area. Pergolas can stand alone or be attached to a house.

Out of the lot, a carport is a structure that is defined more by its function than by its construction. Instead of the more expensive option of a garage, carports are used to shelter one’s vehicle at home. A simple carport consists of a roof supported by supports. However, more sophisticated versions have repurposed pergolas for automobile storage, hence the term pergola carport.

A regular carport serves the same purpose as a mobile and enclosed carport. It is typically framed with tubular steel and may have a canvas or vinyl type covering that encloses the entire frame, including walls, and can be removed/relocated.

Types of material suitable for carports

Carports are available in a range of materials, colors, and sizes to fit your needs.


If you’re considering using wood for your carport, you’ll need to select whether you want soft or hardwood. You will be able to cut and shape the wood to give your carport a unique style. A wood carport can be painted to match the rest of your house after it has been constructed. 

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Aluminum carports are lightweight and stable, making them a good choice for vehicle protection. One can anodize an aluminum carport to give it an added layer of protection. There’s also Alumawood, which is made of aluminum yet has the look and feel of wood.


The inside upholstery and external paint of your vehicle will benefit from a polyethylene carport. This carport material is long-lasting and designed to protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, and snow. The construction process will be less expensive because polyethylene is lighter and less expensive than steel and aluminum


Steel carports are a vital thing for folks who live in windy places to safeguard their vehicles. Once installed and mounted to the ground, this material is heavy and difficult to move. Some steel carports may be put together without the help of a professional, but the weight of the product will necessitate assistance.


If a garage isn’t viable or already full, a pergola carport with substantial supports for stability and a durable roof to protect the vehicle from rain, sun, and hail damage can be the best alternative. 


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