Ultimate answer to why should we hire you

Why should we hire you

When an interviewer asks you the most common question – “why should we hire you?” They actually want to know what makes you the right fit for their company.

Your answer needs to be a brief ‘sales pitch’ that clearly explains what you can offer to the employer. Here, we will help you figure out how to answer the question that practically determines if you get or do not get a job!

What does the interview want to know?

An employer hires people to solve problems. It can be boosting sales, streamlining processes, building brands, and so on. When you make your pitch, you need to show that you’re the best person who can solve that problem. Interviewers, ask you the question to see how capable and qualified you feel, you are for the job.

What is the ultimate answer to – “why should we hire you?”

When you’re preparing for an interview, take some time to go through the job description. Jot down a list of requirements that you need to fulfill for the position – these will include skills, traits, personality, and qualifications. Next, make a list of qualities that you have to fit into the requirement.

Select the number of strengths you have according to what corresponds closely to your job requirement. Use them as the main part of your reply when you answer why should we hire you.

You should think beyond the job description and basic requirement. Think about all the skills and accomplishments that add to the reasons why you should be the one. For instance, you might have an additional certification that makes you knowledgeable about how to take the company ahead, more than a salesperson. When you hone your pitch, you need to dig deeper into things that you can do for your job position even if they’re beyond what they’re typically looking for.

Why should we hire you – best answer example

Check out some of the sample answers that will help you frame the perfect answer:

Example 1

According to the job description, your company needs an administrative assistant who has tech skills along with interpersonal skills. My experience aligns with what you need and that makes me the perfect fit. I am great a communicating and have offered several oral presentations. I am also well-versed with relevant software programs and will love to bring my diverse skills to the company.

How does this help?

The response exhibits that the employer’s requirement and your skill set matches. Add confidence and be firm to make the answer seem more convincing.

Example 2

Your job description says that you need a special education assistant teacher who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. I have served as a tutor for summer schools for the specially-abled children and am extremely patient with kids. (masalabox) My previous experience has taught me several ways to work with kids that need extra attention. This is why I feel I will be the best candidate for this position.

How does this help?

Your answer reflects that you not only have the knowledge to teach children but also realize the patience and compassion they need. Every teacher needs to be patient and look forward to positive outcomes. If you’re confident about managing kids who need more attention, the employer might find you useful.

Example 3

I am always updated with the latest tech just as quick as I am with updating websites. In my previous job, I was responsible to maintain our department webpage. My work was to update the faculty and student profiles and add information related to upcoming events.

I also learned how to code in Swift and JavaScript and used my skills to give the homepage a new look. I will be able to offer you diverse skills and promise to keep the company website updated with the best tech possible.

How does this help?

There will be interviewers who ask you, “why should we hire you over other candidates?” Saying how good you are in web-development is not enough. You need to explain why you stand out among others and your keenness towards what you do.

Example 4

You need a sales executive who can seamlessly manage several employees. In my 15-year long career, my experience has offered me strong team-building and motivational skills. I have won several awards and accolades for my strategies and have motivated my colleagues to surpass deadlines. If you hire me, I will offer the best of leadership abilities and take your company to greater heights.

How does this help?

Here, why are you suitable for this job sample answer, gives extensive detail about your experience, success, and highlights key skills that the job position needs.

How to give the best answer?

Check out the best tips to answer an interviewer when he questions how you can benefit their business:

1. Tell them how you can add value

For every qualification or strength that you know, you need to tell them how the trait can help you achieve something. Think about more traits and don’t limit it to the skills your job needs. Think about the other relevant things you learned due to your main job. All of these together will make your employer find you invaluable.

2. Keep it short and focused

Imagine an interviewer looking straight to your face to ask why should we hire you, and you start fumbling. It will not only leave a bad impact but also show that you’re not confident. You need to keep it direct, short, and quick. Treat it like a sales pitch and use your wisdom to curate the perfect answer.

3. Tell a story

If you think you have time to explain and your job needs that illustration, tell your story to the employers. Tell them how your previous work experience makes you the perfect fit and what all you achieved. Explain your qualifications and anecdote.

What you shouldn’t say

Although why should we hire you is a common question, it is not the only one they will ask. They might not even ask you this and you’d keep stressing about what you had memorized. First of all, don’t memorize your answer, just remember the points that you must specify. Your experience is enough to make you talk and not memorize.

Make sure you don’t make the answer ‘me-centric’ even if your ultimate goal is the paycheck. You need to think about how you can grow in the company so that even they find you credible. Even if you get through with fancy words, your efficacy is what will make all the difference and make your job last.

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