Understanding Amazon DSP Ads

Amazon DSP Ads

Reaching people and trying to convince them to buy your product can be time-consuming and ineffective when there is no proper plan in place. However, with a good Ad and unique message, consumers are moved to make purchases. If you are looking to create awareness for your product, one viable platform to use is Amazon. It enables you to get to potential buyers and make your products available to the public. Let’s see about Amazon DSP Ads.

The Amazon Demand Slide Platform (DSP) is an application that permits advertisers to look for their audience, and programmatically purchase video, display, and audio advert placement over several other platforms across the internet. It leverages a large database of consumers to get to relevant audiences and also boost brand awareness both on and off the application.

This programmatic advertising makes use of data in choosing the right digital advert spaces to buy and the amount they should be paid for. Gathering information on potential consumers or already existing ones will also go a long way in enhancing purchase and this can easily be gotten through the Amazon DSP data which provides first-party data on target audiences.

Types of Amazon DSP Ads

Targeting the right audience is not enough. It is also vital to create the right ads for your brand and this includes knowing the types DSP makes available to your brand. These are the four main types:

Dynamic E-commerce

Ads like this automatically enhance the creative that shows depending on your campaign goal. Coupon codes and customer reviews can be included in your creative as a way to encourage viewing by customers on Amazon. However, this ad can only be linked to the detail page of the product.

Static Ads

This type is ideal as a mid and upper-funnel strategy to pull in shoppers and boost brand consciousness since it lacks dynamic elements. They instead demand particular calls-to-action such as “shop now”. The ads usually direct one back to the product detail page, custom landing page, or the amazon storefront.

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Video ads through DSP

This method builds an emotional relationship with your consumers and projects your brand story in amazing light. These video ads can run as an out-stream video which is a piece of a display ad or an instream video that is running within the content of the video.

When adverts are created through this platform, you can leverage amazon’s audience to mark the appropriate shoppers and also link your ads to the detail page on your site or amazon.

Over The Top Video Ads

These full-screen adverts which also cannot be skipped are an ideal way to get to millions of audiences who are on various connected television sources such as the Fire TV Stick. Despite being able to target particular audiences, it is not clickable.

Uses of Amazon DSP

The Amazon DSP serves many purposes and can be used by both those who sell goods on Amazon and otherwise. The self-service options are available to customers which either enables them to be in charge of their campaigns or to engage in a consultative service. These are some of the ways advertisers can grow their audience.

Exclusive Audience

It provides a platform to reach a select group of new and already existing consumers both on and off amazon. It equally boosts the results and relevance of a single view from across various formats and devices.

Additionally, if you need tips to guide you with reaching your target audience, you can check here.

Access to Unique Inventory

This platform extends clients’ reach to their audiences over applications and sites owned by amazon. It also provides comprehensive inventory gotten from third-party exchanges and Amazon publisher services.

Leveraging on Customer Data

This platform uses available customer data to focus on shoppers and help advertisers to know their audience better. By providing information on demographic trends and brand engagement, it helps the advertiser who has a low budget or needs to reduce its audience reach to do so. 

Prospecting with DSP Audience

Potential customers can be identified and reached by using the company’s first-party information or the amazon platform. The latter allows you to reach consumers and gain insight into their shopping patterns thereby making it easy to develop campaigns based on their given behavior and data that is retargeted at those who haven’t made a purchase.

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Benefits of advertising with Amazon DSP

The following are some benefits attached to advertising with Amazon DSP:

  1. This advertising platform supports the growth of brands by permitting advertisers to display ads both on and off the platforms, unlike others. This enables shoppers to visit the detail pages of the products and also guides them in making a purchase.
  2. Using this platform accelerates growth and makes discoverability soar by identifying new customers both off and on the site who are checking out products and intending to buy.
  3. It has a wide reach enabling it to show adverts even off the site that gets to buyers at every level of their shopping experience. This allows brands to grow recognition and maximize their customer base.
  4. It has the ability to hyper-target and group customers with high value by using information such as recency, consideration period, and purchase intent to create dynamic ads.
  5. Brand success can easily be measured on the platform from startup to an advanced level.
  6. It also provides you with knowledge about your viewers, their demographics, consideration period, and even purchases frequency. Leveraging this information will increase the possibility of winning audience sections and win highly sought-after ad placements.

These are some tips to help you understand amazon DSP. We have also discussed other things that can help improve sales in your business. If you need other tips on how to improve your brand awareness and visibility, you can check here: https://hingemarketing.com/blog/story/how-to-increase-brand-awareness-and-visibility


Defining your target audience is important to achieve good result in an ad marketing campaign so that they can easily relate to the message. To do this, you need to gather information and the amazon DSP provides you with such.

This is because Amazon has information on shoppers that helps define target audiences depending on known behaviors. They equally have various websites where they easily collect more data, track and also serve ads. With the Amazon DSP, advertisers can also increase brand consciousness and reach out to more target audiences.

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