Unusual facts about pets in Dubai


The main synonym for Dubai is exclusivity. You won’t surprise anyone here with expensive things, it is important to have something that no one else has. This rule also applies to pets. Here, it is in the order of things to have a cheetah, tiger or lion as a pet. Many Dubai residents post photos and videos of predators on social media. Seeing a cheetah sitting in the front seat of a luxury car isn’t a problem either, though. 

However if you are not yet ready to get yourself such an exotic pet to feel like a Dubai, then you can definitely rent a luxury car or take a land cruiser for rent and, perhaps, see a wild animal in the front seat in the next row on the road. Moreover, renting a car in Dubai has become an incredibly affordable and fast service. It may not be a good idea to hire a car and drive a lion in it, but car rental representatives will help you choose the most unusual and suitable car for you to make your driving experience unforgettable.

Pet Rules

Keeping a pet in the UAE is not allowed everywhere: check this issue with the owner of your rental property or the developer of the area in advance if you are the owner.

Here are some pet friendly areas in Dubai: The Greens & Views, Motor City, JLT, The Lakes, The Springs, Arabian Ranches, The Palm Jumeirah. Also in the city there are special parks where you can walk dogs without a leash. For example, recently a 1,000 sq. m for all dog breeds allowed in the UAE.

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Dogs in public places

In general, dogs are not allowed on public beaches and parks in Dubai, but signs are posted wherever these rules apply. Dogs are not allowed to enter shops and restaurants. Dogs are required to be on a leash in public areas at all times, in accordance with local law, and pets are not allowed in stores, malls, most cafes and restaurants, parks, and beaches.

Parks and dog walking areas 

Whether living in an apartment or country house with its own garden, it’s still good to let your dog run off-leash in a new environment and socialize with other dogs. As compensation for some restrictions, specialized dog parks are open in the Emirates. Here you can let your pet have fun and let off steam. Two of Dubai’s most famous dog parks are located close to each other at Dubai Investment Park: My Second Home and Paws Pet Planet.

Pet hotel

The UAE never ceases to amaze everyone in every direction. You will be welcomed at the Cloud 9 Pet Hotel (C9), where there is a veterinary clinic, grooming services on site, 3 parks for walking with animals, one of them is indoor, and there is also a playroom for cats. C9 offers trainers and personal chauffeurs for your pets, if they need to be picked up from home or vice versa.

The DIP area is home to one of the largest dog park hotels in the world, My Second Home Luxury Pet Resort & Spa. On its territory there is an area for recreation and free games, a swimming pool, a hotel and a training school.

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Pet insurance

Unfortunately, no company currently offers pet insurance services in the UAE. An alternative would be to purchase a subscription to a veterinary clinic, which will reduce your medical bills.


Party for a four-legged friend

In Dubai, you can really find almost everything, including companies that organize a birthday party for your pet. For example, ABVC Kennels & Cattery LLC (Al Qouz) will throw a party for you and 10 of your friends and their dogs, as well as offer party outfits for the birthday boy and his friends, pedicures, grooming, agility training, and of course, a cake with a mandatory photo shoot.

The greatness and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how that nation treats animals.

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