Vidya’s Explosive Interview: Her Take on Relationships, Success, and Body Shaming

Vidya’s Explosive Interview: Her Take on Relationships, Success, and Body Shaming

Vidya Balan, the one name in Bollywood, who is ravishingly beautiful with a touch of sophistication, and who gets into any role she gets. Her face tells a thousand stories. Her husky voice can make you weak in the knees and her sensuality sparks fire. You all remember her phenomenal performance in The Dirty Picture opposite Naseeruddin Shah. From Parineeta to Kahani and finally to Tumhari Sulu, she has set fire on the screen with her acting prowess. She is as talented as yesteryear’s Smita Patil. Vidya is a superstar when it comes to her strength in acting and the way she blends seamlessly into a role.

Now after turning 40, she is not afraid to brave the size-phobic world of Bollywood. She does not give a hoot to meet the expectations of the zero figure world of Hindi cinema. So let us read about her explosive interview that she had given recently.

Do you think Dirty Picture and Kahani are your achievements?

No, my goal was not achieving success in monetary terms even if those films crossed the 100-crore mark. Both the films had a good script, an interesting story to tell, and so everything fell in place. I love acting and followed my heart. Every time I listened to my instincts, it paid off. The films did well at the box office. ( I did not attend any acting class nor did I drop my photos in one of the offices in Mumbai. Work came to me naturally. I always hesitated to ask for work. We all know about the bad wolves in Bollywood, and so I wanted to stay protected. Therefore, we see that in Bollywood interviews, Vidya is one person who is candid and never pretends.

You are considered ‘Bad Luck’ by some people…how do you deal with such things?

I felt angry when called unlucky. While playing Begum Jaan, I gathered all that anger. I was burning within due to the rejections I faced, people being judgmental about my figure, and all the cruel criticisms surrounding my dressing sense. I have hormonal problems, and I do not shy away from it. Yes, I did ignore maintaining a perfect body all my life. That is the reason why I worked hard so that I can accept myself. The acceptance is far from complete. I have to go a long way. People fail to realize that growing up fat is not easy. People do body shaming all the time no matter how modern we have become.

Do think that you have turned sexier at 40?

Of course, I like being hot and naughty after 40. Usually, we are coerced into believing that sex is not essential for women. When women get older, they seem to care less. The time has come when I care more about myself. It is a feeling of joy, and when you do not care, it is more fun. A male friend told me that he likes dating women who are above 35. It is more fun. He said that he is not serious about relationships with women of that age. And so do the women.

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