VINNumberLookup Overview: Get a Free Vehicle History Report Online

VINNumberLookup is an online VIN check service that offers users access to an abundant amount of information about used vehicles and their histories. The site’s extensive search database makes it easy to look up a VIN for your car and receive a comprehensive background report within minutes.

The main purpose of this service is to provide potential car owners with detailed reports that ensure they make well-informed decisions before making purchases. And despite the fact that there are several VIN sites on the market, VINNumberLookup stands apart because the entire service is both reliable and completely free to use.

This especially makes it a great choice for used car dealerships that frequently require vehicle history reports but often pay premium fees to acquire that information. You can even learn more from here by using its license plate lookup tool, which can help you to find out the name of the owner of a car you may have hit in a parking lot by accident.

What Type Of Car Details Does VINNumberLookup Reveal?

The website will usually extract VIN information from a number of verified sources across the country like the NMVTIS, NHTSA, National Insurance Crime Bureau, and other official sources. It also pulls data from industry partners and businesses like salvage yards, repair shops, insurance companies, towing agencies, warranty providers, and more. As a result, their vehicle history reports will usually include main fields such as:

  • Vehicle Specs: This will usually cover basic information about the vehicle’s features such as the production year, make, model, engine type, fuel capacity, transmission, mileage, steering type, and more.
  • Sales Records: This section will cover essential documents related to the vehicle’s past sales, previous owners, cost of the vehicle, as well as registration changes issued by the government.
  • Title and Insurance Records: The reports will also provide detailed information on whether the car has ever had a flood/junk/salvage title and any other insurance losses. These records will also indicate if the car has ever been auctioned.
  • Accident and Theft Records: You will also get full details about any accidents that the vehicle may have been through in the past. It will also inform you if the vehicle has ever been reported as stolen listing of the stolen vehicle events in the report.
  • Maintenance and Servicing Records: This will usually highlight any and all technical problems that the vehicle has had, as well as past maintenance checks. This includes any repaired or replaced parts and even pending fixes that have yet to be addressed.
  • Lien Records: These records will typically inform you if the car in question has not yet been fully paid off. This ensures that you don’t end up purchasing a vehicle with lingering debt.

How To Use VINNumberLookup To Conduct A VIN Search?

The good thing about VINNumberLookup is that conducting a search using their site is so simple that even first-time users will find it easy to get the information they need. However, there are two main things to always keep in mind before carrying out a VIN check.

Firstly, not all vehicle reports will contain compressive details about the vehicle’s past. For instance, an accident may have gone unreported by the previous owner. This would mean that the insurance company will have no record of any damage or repairs that happened to the car. 

And secondly, if the vehicle you want to conduct a VIN search on was registered before 1981, it is unlikely that the site will be able to generate a report on it. This is down to the fact that most car manufacturers before that year used their own private identifiers.

You can follow the steps below to get your VIN check started:

Step 1: Input the VIN number

Once you are on the site’s homepage, you only need to input the 17-digit code and hit “Start Search”. However, do keep in mind that you can also carry out VIN checks on VINNumberLookup by state or by brand. For instance, you can conduct a California VIN check or a Toyota VIN check.

Step 2: Review/Download The Results

The search engine will scour through its extensive network and extract any matching information related to your VIN before compiling it all into an in-depth vehicle history report. This way, you won’t need to manually search through different sites and databases for the information. Once you are done reviewing the report, you have the option of downloading it for your own personal records.

Why Should You Use VINNumberLookup?

Unlike most other VIN check sites, you don’t need to spend anything to use VINNumberLookup’s services. This also means that there are no sign-ups or hidden costs needed, which makes it extremely convenient and accessible, compared to most other alternative options out there.

In addition, VINNumberLookup’s history reports are sourced from official and legitimate databases, which means that all the information you get is both accurate and up-to-date. The site also has an extremely user-friendly interface, with a fast search engine that only takes minutes to retrieve the background information you require.

Furthermore, VINNumberLookup boasts a reliable customer support team that remains available to answer any questions or complaints that you may have about their platform. Plus, the site also guarantees complete user confidentiality and anonymity, as it does not keep any records of your VIN search history. 

All this means that VINNumberLookup can be consistently relied upon to conduct as many VIN searches as one needs. This makes it a great resource to protect yourself from purchasing a vehicle with theft, fraud, or damage history. 


A free VIN check using VINNumberLookup can often be an excellent first step to take whenever you are considering the idea of purchasing a used vehicle. All the data you will receive from this site will be accurate and relevant. 

If there’s no match, then this could possibly indicate that the vehicle may have gone through VIN forgery. So, next time you notice a suspicious car or simply want to verify a vehicle’s status, make sure to head over to VINNumberLookup.

You should also remember that it’s illegal to use any of the information you get on this site for any other reason than for verification purposes. In fact, this is often why most VIN check reports will never provide you with the personal details of any of the car’s previous owners.

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