What Are Glass Blunts?

What Are Glass Blunts?

Cannabis consumption is on the rise. Since the first state-level laws legalizing cannabis in 2014, there has been a dizzying increase in the ways to partake. From pocket vaporizers to custom-molded pipes to gold rolling papers, there is no shortage of ways to toke up. Furthermore, the growth in cannabis products goes beyond traditional THC, with a plethora of products used to administer cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD has a range of therapeutic uses, including analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Products to consume CBD include oral CBD oils and candies, and even new cbdistillery patches. When you can take CBD in a discrete, invisible patch as easily as a person trying to quit cigarettes, it seems like the game has truly changed.

Fortunately, as the ways to smoke have proliferated, they have also improved. One especially interesting high-quality way to smoke involves glass blunts, a small hand pipe with unique features. A glass blunt is a small glass pipe with a filter at one end and a screw in the center. To use it, you first remove the screw from the center of the pipe and cap the pipe at the other end. You fill the tube with ground material, re-insert the metal screw, and twist the screw until the helix has herb even distributed across its length.

A glass blunt can hold roughly half a gram of material. Every time you smoke, you twist the screw and lose the burnt herbs, giving yourself a fresh batch of smokable material in the process. The blunt can then keep you smoking all day long. If you cap it off at the other end, you can hold the blunt in your pocket and take it with you on the go.

Glass blunts are an easy way to consume without the hassle of having to pack a one-hitter every time you feel like smoking. Furthermore, they are a pocket-sized way to pack and enjoy, as discreet as a single cigarette with a stylish brass-and-glass design. The design of glass blunts keeps them cooler than a traditional blunt. Because of this heat insulation, you never have to worry about burnt lips and fingers. You also do not have to worry about the mess of taking apart a cigar or rolling a blunt up: a glass blunt only needs to be packed once, and you never lose your product while packing.

Aside from convenience, there are several other reasons to prefer a glass blunt over a traditional one. First, glass blunts are healthier. A traditional blunt is rolled with a tobacco-leaf wrapper, usually from a cheap cigar. Smoking is obviously not good for you, and regularly smoking blunts can get you hooked on nicotine. In fact, the Australian government described cannabis as a “Trojan Horse” for nicotine addiction. Furthermore, many rolling papers contain harmful chemicals. A glass blunt removes that risk entirely.

Glass blunts are more economical than other ways of smoking. First, you do not need to purchase rolling papers and you will not lose your product in a failed rolling attempt. Second, you can better control how much you smoke and how much gets burned. The screw allows you to ash while smoking, so you always have a fresh patch. Lastly, glass blunts are easy to clean.

Several companies offer glass blunt cleaning products, and many glass blunts come with specially-developed brushes for cleaning. No matter how you like to partake, glass blunts offer a clean, easy-to-use, and enjoyable experience.

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