What are Power Transmission Belts?

Power transmission belts, or commonly referred to as belts, are used to connect two or more rotating shafts in a machine or in factories. They are known as power transmission belts because they help “transmit” power and create movement. In this kind of mechanism, the belt is placed over the rotating pulleys; and with the movement of one pulley, the other pulley also moves.

Each power transmission belt has to made custom to fit the needs of the factory or the machinery in which they are to be used. Otherwise, they will not serve the purpose they should. Power transmission belts are made of different materials and to fit multiple demands. The power transmission belts can be altered to fit the desired rotation speed or the direction of movement (up, down, forward or backward).

Where are power transmission belts used?

  • Such power transmission belts are commonly used in conveyor belts. This is used to carry heavy loads. 
  • They are also seen in automotive industries. Engines utilize power transmission belts to work effectively.
  • Conveyor belts are also commonly used in water pumps in households.

How does it work?

Typically, in a power transmission belt, a belt is placed over a shaft. through the belt, the shaft is connected to other pulley or multiple pulleys. When one shaft receives power and starts moving, the following pulleys also start moving due to the movement of the belt, forcing them to change their state.

To make a pulley rotate in the opposite direction, the belt can be crossed.

Why are power transmission belts useful?

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They have multiple uses.

  1. They provide shock absorption for large machines. Through this, there is lesser noise and vibrations.
  2. They do not always need lubrication.
  3. They protect the machines from damage due to the high load.
  4. Transmission belts are highly efficient. They can increase the work speed drastically.
  5. Because of the simplicity in their mechanism, they are easy to use and maintain.
  6. They are also easy to install because of this, the cost of installation and maintenance are low.
  7. Because the load of the machines is divided, the life of machines also increases.
  8. They are especially advantageous when the distance between shafts is large.

How to find the right power transmission belt?

Power transmission belts are selected based on their uses- where you will be applying them, which will be more effective and the most cost-effective. Below are a few things to consider when buying power transmission belts:

  1. The amount of power that is to be transmitted through these belts. If the force is too much, a weak belt will be of no use. You must choose a strong belt if a large amount of force is to be transmitted.
  2. The rotational speed is another factor to consider. For higher rotational speed, a different kind of belt is to be used than when the rotational speed is low.
  3. Distance to be covered- Depending on whether the distance is long or short, a suitable belt should be chosen
  4. Temperature: If the power transmission belt is to be used in conditions with higher temperature, then a material which can withstand high temperature should be chosen. 
  5. Lubrication: In cases of lubrication, where no lubrication is used, an asynchronous slotted belt or such can be used.
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How are PVC power transmission belts useful?

PVC belts are useful because of their cost-effectiveness. PVC conveyor belts are also useful in drug companies, bakeries, and other food manufacturing units. They are long-lasting in nature and can reduce costs significantly.

They also come in many varieties. The PVC power transmission belts can suit a variety of needs, such as high power, high temperature, and according to the required width.

Unlike the fabric belts, PVC power transmission belts can be customized according to the factory needs.

PVC Power belts are fire-resistant. Hence, not only can they withstand high temperature, but also prevent any damage due to fire. Its nature of fire resistance will not only save the belt but also prevent the fire from getting transmitted to the machines.

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