What Are the Different Types of Sheds That Exist Today?

Types of Sheds

Have you been dreaming of adding a backyard shed to your residential property?

More and more homeowners are discovering the joys and benefits of investing in affordable sheds because of the extra space and value they provide. For example, a smart homeowner understands that using sheds for gardening and other types of projects is a great way to reduce clutter in your garage.

But with so many different types of sheds to choose from, how do you know which backyard sheds are right for your lifestyle? This article can help. Here we take a look at a variety so that your decision-making process will be a little less confusing. Keep reading to learn more.


Are you looking for an elegant design that will complement every other aspect of your residential property? A craftsman shed might be exactly what you’ve been wanting. This is a shed style that first became popular in late-nineteenth-century England, and remains a constant presence in backyards across the country.


A workshop shed design ranks among the most popular backyard sheds for homeowners at every income level. That’s because these are very utilitarian structures that allow you to easily work on nearly any type of project you could imagine.


A studio shed offers a simple yet sleek design that is ideal for any size lawn. The front is taller than the rear, with a roof that slopes. Plus, you’ll enjoy lots of natural light from the windows on the front wall.


A saltbox shed offers a unique design where the front of the shed is slightly taller than the rear. This makes it extremely easy to walk through the door without having to duck your head. Plus, it just looks really cute.

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A barn shed is another of the most popular styles of affordable sheds. In fact, there are probably more barn-shaped sheds on residential property than any other shed design in the United States.


It seems like A-frame sheds never go out of style. That’s because they provide a simple yet attractive aesthetic and can easily fit on any size lawn.


A quaker shed provides a very traditional look. That’s why this style of shed continues to be popular with homeowners looking for workspace on their residential property. You’ll enjoy plenty of storage space along with an attractive design, along with the added protection from the roof overhang.

A Guide to the Different Types of Backyard Sheds

It’s no secret that most homeowners love spending time outside when the weather is nice. That’s why so many people are investing in different types of sheds so they can take their enjoyment of residential property to the next level.

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