What Color Goes with Brown?

What color goes with brown

What comes to your mind when you think of brown? Chocolates, leather, wood, or a rustic looking cottage in the mountains? If you’re planning to add more brown shades to your home, you need to first know what color goes with brown. (fabulouseyebrowthreading) Only when you complement colors well, you will be able to bring out the best of your interiors.

Brown is such a shade that can look dull and boring if you don’t use it right. You need to mix and match to see what color goes with brown to be able to bring out the best. From choosing the right shades to make your home look cozy yet sleek, there is a lot to do.

Why use brown for your interiors?

The best impact of brown is that it offers an earthy effect that makes every home look dramatic yet warm. It is classic yet rustic, luxurious yet simple. Since brown is a neutral shade, it is versatile and gives you a world full of opportunities to blend with.

What color goes with brown?

No matter which part of your home you’re trying to improve or what changes you plan to bring, brown will have a lot to offer.

1. White

You can always mix dark brown with sheer white. They coordinate well, contrast perfectly, and is also easy to maintain. White goes best with dark chocolate or dark brown color tones. It can add an amazing and traditional charm to each room. These two colors can look great in your bathroom and bedroom to offer a luxurious and welcoming ambiance.

2. Blue

Blue and brown can be tricky to blend together, so you need to get the perfect shades. They look modern and sleek together, yet trendy and relaxing. Brown and blue can take you into the beach cottages of Maldives and give you a cool color tone. They are a mix of warm and earthy feel, so it is best when you add some blues to wooden furnishing. Do up your living room or bedroom with peaceful blends of these two colors and strike a balance with lighter tones of other colors.

3. Fuchsia

A dark shade of wooden cabinetry can blend well with quirky shades of fuchsia. You can color your walls in this pink-like color tone and add some drama to the rooms. Any room with a brown base can be easily transformed into an energetic and feminine setting with fuchsia accents.

These two colors enrich any part of your room with a sophisticated and vibrant feel. It is a bright shade that talks a lot about your bold personality but adds a subtle blend with neutral brown.

4. Yellow

If you are looking for a color that suits brown incredibly, you must choose yellow. It has high aesthetic value and lets you play with different shades of either color. The blend makes your rooms look energetic and vibrant. For example, yellow undertones for a bookshelf beside wooden furniture can look fantastic together. These work well for both modern and traditional settings.

5. Mint

Instead of going for regular greens, try blending mint and brown together. This blend is relaxing and makes your home look sophisticated. You always have a fresh and organic vibe due to the mint tones while wooden furnishing covers for the rest of the ambiance. The front porch is a great place to try these two colors to add a masculine feel with the right amount of softness.

6. Turquoise

Blend turquoise with brown to set trends. This combination will probably not have many samples to give you an idea, but will make you risk for good. You can try this blend for both living room and bedroom.

Although these colors aren’t common together, they do go well with each other. You get versatile options like adding cushion covers of turquoise on a wooden sofa or buy carpets that blend these two colors. The combination can give you a traditional vibe or a beachy vibe, depending on how you use it and other colors around them.

7. Gold

Not many people play with the bold gold, but it does go well with brown. The combination will look bright, charming, and luxurious. You need to tone down dark shades of brown to mix it with bright tones of gold. For example, try a gold undertone in a table lamp that has bright designs and place it on the floor that has woody flooring. The blend looks glamorous and rich, and you can use it against a dark chocolate background.

8. Orange

Orange is warm and beautifully blends with neutral tones of brown. They make an amazing contrast and oozes energy all the time. When you mix brown and orange together, they allow you to play with hipster-inspired styles that look modern and sleek. For example, a light orange shade of a center table blends with a chocolaty brown sofa or wooden flooring. You can also use orange undertones all through a room to add sophistication and make the room look artsy.

9. Copper

If you mix dark brown with rich shades of copper, it can give your room a trendy look. Again, not many people try such wacky colors, but that’s what can set your home apart from others. These two colors bring in a warm blend and booms with energy. The red undertones of copper with silky brown can also add charm to your room in an overall.

10. Purple

Dark wooden cabinetry paired with purple can also add drama, much like fuchsia. However, fuchsia and purple are different but both make a room look enriched with vibrancy and elegance. Try to add less saturated purple tones with grayish-brown undertones to match your furniture and cabinets.

Final thoughts

These are some of the tried and tested options that answer what color goes with brown. You now have to look out for what suits your rooms and how you can blend these colors. Make sure you consider the background and all the things you have around the room. The kind of daylight it gets and how you light it up during the night will also matter. Take all these under consideration and revamp your home décor.

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