What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches?

Apply cream for left hand itches

Although people who follow astrology will compare their left hand itches with prosperity, it is an undeniable health condition. An itching palm can signify common skin problems and it can be a serious underlying issue. Even if you’re looking for astrological answers to “what does it mean when your left hand itches?”, you must look at it in terms of health too.

As per superstition, when your right or left hand itches, you are supposed to receive or give away money. But there are legitimate medical conditions that signify practical reasons for why this happens. Conditions like eczema, allergy, diabetes, cirrhosis, nerve problem, and reaction to medication are some of the common reasons. Find out all about the causes, prevention, and treatment in detail.

Causes of left hand itches

Itching is annoying irrespective of where it occurs. But it is definitely worse when you can either not reach out to the spot it itches or if the body part you use to itch yourself, is the one that’s itching! Check out the causes of an itching hand and know the answer to what does it mean when your left hand itches:

1. Eczema

As per the National Eczema Association, 10% of people in America have hand eczema. The condition causes red skin, dryness, blistering, and itching. Dyshidrotic eczema is another type to this and can lead to small itchy blisters. It tends to happen on your hands and feet.

People who tend to have hand eczema are people who work in professions where their hands are exposed to harsh chemicals or excessive moisture. Professions like catering, hairdressing, cleaning, mechanic, healthcare, are prone to having this condition. It is also a hereditary problem for many people.

2. Allergic reactions

Sometimes people have an itchy palm where they expose their hands to irritants or chemicals that lead to it. You need immediate dermatological consultation for such hand itches.

An allergic reaction takes around 2 to 3 days to show an impact from the time you touch an allergen. These can include allergy from jewelry, latex gloves, perfumes, disinfectants, soaps, dust, soil, antiseptics, chlorine water, and more.

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Allergic reaction develops usually after repeated exposure to allergens. Your body releases itchy histamines that irritate the skin.

3. Diabetes

When you have diabetes and high blood sugar levels, it can cause left hand itches. The itchy skin might have red bumps and spread in other body parts. You must consult your doctor and take medicines he prescribes for you.

4. Reaction to medication

Sometimes you might have an itchy hand because of the kind of medicines you consume. There are medicines we can be allergic to, even if they serve a purpose to curing you another way. It is again the histamine reaction in your body that causes such itching.

You can have an itchy palm when the amount of histamines increases in your hands and feet. You must speak to your doctor after you face such a condition and change the medicines accordingly. There are chances he will ask you to bear with the pain or give you an itch-relief if symptoms aren’t severe.

5. Cirrhosis

Hand itches can indicate the autoimmune disorder of Cirrhosis. It can either be primary biliary cirrhosis or biliary cholangitis that causes blotchy and itchy palms. PBC affects bile ducts that connect our liver with the stomach. Bile passes between these two organs and builds up in the liver. This, in turn, results in scarring and damage.

Symptoms of cirrhosis include blotchy palms, bone pain, nausea, dark urine, diarrhea, and jaundice. It is more common in women than in men, and the answer to why it so happens is not known. If you face cirrhosis, your doctor will prescribe you cholestyramine to cure an itchy hand.

6. Nerve disorders

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and symptoms to this reflect through an itchy hand. This also means that if you have diabetes and your left hand itches, you might have nerve disorder.

Other dysfunctions include carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case, your hands feel weak, painful, and itchy. Weirdly, you will find your palms during the night if you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

You must consult a doctor if you experience such a symptom and he might recommend you to wear a wrist brace. Ask him the question, “what does it mean when your left hand itches?” and let him/her give their take on the condition. Only in extreme cases, you might need to have surgery to reduce pressure on your median nerves.

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Treating left hand itches

As a basic level, you must always keep your hands and skin moisturized, especially after you wash them. The treatment varies depending upon how itchy your palms are. Check out the recommended treatments that you need otherwise:

1. Use a cool – damp cloth

Damp a fresh piece of cloth with ice and press it on your palm for 10 minutes. It will immediately cure the itching sensation. You can also use an ice pack for this.

2. Topical steroids

If your condition is extreme, you must consult a doctor. He might suggest corticosteroids that reduce itching and redness on your palms when you have a flare-up. You can buy it over the counter or get a prescription.

Don’t use steroid creams regularly as it might lead to thinning of the skin. Only use it as and when your doctor asks you to.

3. Moisturize often

Moisturizing can reduce itching with time. Try to keep the hand moisturizer in your refrigerator to absorb it cool. It makes the treatment effective and keeps your hands supple. If you have eczema, you must wash and moisturize your skin regularly. Reapply the cream every time your hands feel dry.

How to prevent hands from itching?

A basic tip to keep your hands away from itchiness is to use gloves when exposing them to detergents and chemicals. If you have a condition like hand eczema or dermatitis, you must avoid known triggers that can lead to flare-ups.

If you don’t know the cause of itching, do a patch test before applying a new moisturizer for your hands. Apply the product in a small area and let it sit overnight. Stop using the moisturizer if it aggravates the condition and consult a doctor.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the real answer to, “what does it mean when your left hand itches?”, you must keep your hands hydrated all the time. If your problem is persistent, you need medical attention. For example, severity can lead to a skin reaction called anaphylaxis. It is a condition that leads to difficulty in breathing. Thus, if you don’t know the cause of an itching palm, you should consult the doctor immediately and treat the condition.

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