What Exactly Does a Personal Trainer Do?

What a Personal Trainer Do

We all know that a personal trainer is someone who accompanies you to the gym and stands over you while you work out, but a personal trainer is so much more than a training buddy. But what exactly does a personal trainer do for your fitness goals. Of course, we all have our own unique fitness goals and when you enlist the services of a personal trainer, the professional take care of the following.

    • Identifying your fitness goals – This is the obvious first step; the PT discusses your aims and helps you to formulate achievable goals within a set timeline. You might, for example, be planning on a charity run, or you just want that six-pack you used to have, indeed, many people turn to the personal trainer for weight loss, not only fitness. Setting a suitable timeline is important and your trainer will create a comprehensive plan for you to follow.
    • Assessing your current level of fitness – This is something the trainer does at the very outset and by collating information, he or she has a good idea of where you are currently at regarding physical fitness. The professional would enquire about any health issues and medication that you might be taking, as these things are relevant.
  • Motivate – For many, this is the main reason to hire personal training in Melbourne; the PT is right there with you as you complete the demanding workout and he or she pushes you to the absolute limit, which is where you need to be if you want the maximum from the regime. It’s too easy to convince yourself that skipping a few here and there isn’t an issue; when your trainer is right beside you, motivating you to do another 3, then another 2, burning that muscle. Hiring a PT ensures that you give it all you have, that’s an integral part of their role and you’ll thank him or her later.
  • Set up your workout routine – The trainer is very familiar with all types of training and would create a few sets of specific exercises, along with the weights used; typically, a workout would involve stretching and doing 5-6 separate routines, each with three sets of reps and depending on whether you are looking to build muscle mass or develop stamina, the weights would be suitable and would increase over time.
  • Diet – You can’t suddenly burn lots of calories without creating a diet plan, which ensures that you receive adequate vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs to enable your body to make the transition and fuel the sessions. Your personal trainer will help you to write up a weekly diet plan, with tasty dishes too! Hydration is essential and you will be told how much water to drink and when and this will power your body to reach those heights.
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The trainer supports you short and long-term and you will develop a great relationship, as you both work toward your fitness goals. Here is some government information about eating a balanced diet an essential aspect of good health & well-being.

Talk to a local personal trainer about your fitness goals and change your life for the better.

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