What is Android Auto? How to setup and everything you need to know

what is android auto

If you look around, then you’ll find Google almost everywhere. Now, apart from our internet or smartphones, Google is marking its presence in the auto industry as well. Android auto is such an example that reflects Google’s presence excellently. Millions of drivers are using this software for infotainment purposes. However, after gaining so much popularity, this software is still mysterious for most of us. So, what is Android Auto? How exactly can you use it? Don’t worry, as we’re going to answer all these questions one by one. 

Let’s learn more about the functions of this software and then jump on other questions. 

What is Android Auto?

what is android auto
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Android Auto is a google software which you can use in your car for infotainment by giving some voice-commands. If you want a more smartphone-like interface, then this software is the right option. You can use your favorite apps without being distracted. 

So, that’s all it offers? The answer is no, as there are so many things that Android Auto provides. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about its features and application. 

Features and Applications

This exciting Google software has multiple features that can attract anyone. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Google Assistant: While using Android Auto, you can say, ‘Hey Google!’ and then you can do anything possible on Google Assistant. Moreover, you can ask it to read your text message, do quick research for you, and navigate to any destination. 
  • Google Maps: As the tool is made for car drivers, it can create routes or set destination for you based on your google account’s history. Apart from that, you can use your voice commands to get traffic alerts as well. 
  • Android Apps: Your entertainment while driving is the priority of this software. Thus, to keep you entertained, Android Auto can support many applications such as Spotify, Audible, etc. 

What if my phone is not compatible with Android Auto? 

what is android auto
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We know that you must be thinking about Android Auto’s compatibility with your phone now. Don’t worry, as this software is compatible with every phone that is running on Android 5 or later versions. Moreover, if your phone has an Android 10 or later version, then your device is ready to use Android Auto without any installation. So relax and enjoy the features of this software without worrying about anything. 

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What if my car is not compatible with Android Auto?

Many reputed brands such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, etc., include this software in their cars. However, it depends on manufacturers to offer this software in the base plan or upgrade package. If you’re not sure about your current model, then you can check this list of Android Auto Compatible Vehicles

How to connect Android Auto to your phone screen? 

If your phone is running on the Android 5 or later versions, then you can follow these steps to run this software: 

  1. Browse the Google Play Store and download the app. 
  2. Make sure that your phone has strong internet connectivity. 
  3. Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  4. After that, you can permit the app to access your phone’s features. 
  5. Make sure that you’re keeping notifications on for the best experience. 

How to connect Android Auto to your car’s display? 

To use Android Auto in your car’s display, you’ll need a USB cable and an android device which is running on Android 5 or later version. After that, follow these steps carefully: 

  1. Visit Google Play and download the Android Auto app. 
  2. Check your phone’s internet connection. 
  3. Now turn on your car and make sure it’s in parking mode. 
  4. Unlock your phone and connect it using a USB cable. 
  5. Permit the app to access your phone’s features, and now everything is good to go. 

How to fix Android Auto’s common problems?

what is android auto
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Android Auto is indeed one of the most innovative software, but there are some common issues with it as well. After going through many changes, this software is still not flawless. However, don’t worry, as most of these issues are easy to solve. Let’s have a look at some of them as well: 

  • Internet Connectivity Issues: Many users have reported that they are receiving notifications such as ‘Your internet connection is not stable.’ You can experience this issue even if your internet connection is working fine. To fix this issue, make sure that you are using the updated versions of Google’s Assistant and Android Auto. 
  • Automatic Launching: Another issue that is experienced by many users is the automatic launching of Android Auto. We all know that this software is designed to auto-launch while connecting your phone to the car. But, many people have reported this issue while charging their phones as well. This kind of problem is scarce, and there’s no particular method to resolve it. However, you can try and make sure that the inside part of your USB connector is clean enough. 
  • Apps keep crashing: Many users are reporting this issue daily, where certain apps such as Spotify are crashing continuously. As there’s no guaranteed fix for this issue as well, you can try to keep your apps and Android Auto updated.  
  • Navigation App not working: Our last and the highest reported issue is related to the malfunctioning of the navigation app. In this scenario, you may experience that your navigation app is not working correctly. Moreover, many drivers are experiencing this issue in short-distance drives as well. To ensure that you don’t face this issue, keep your navigation apps updated and do not use outdated versions. 
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Wrapping up on what is Android Auto

We’re sure that now you’re aware of this software which is helping millions of drivers all around the world. We can easily say that Google has done a brilliant job in keeping the drive safe and fun at the same time. Yes, indeed, there are some bugs and issues present in Android Auto, but nothing is flawless. Apart from that, the software’s compatibility is not an issue as well. Many car manufacturers are making sure that this software is included in their latest upcoming vehicles. 

If issues and common bugs are something that annoys you the most, then make sure your apps are updated regularly. We can understand that nobody likes malfunctioning software, but Android Auto is still becoming better. Thus, to make sure that you get a smooth experience with Android Auto, updating your apps is the best idea. 

We hope that now you know the answer to ‘What is Android Auto?’ and you’re ready to experience this infotainment software. Let us know if you have ever used this software or not. If yes, then what’re your favorite features and what kind of improvement you’d like. 

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