What is Civil Marriage

Civil Marriage

Everyone dreams of their wedding to be extravagant. Brides and grooms do not want anything to be left out in their wedding ceremony. With new trends on Instagram these days, people want to add these features to their celebrations. All of this is completely fine for the people who want to do them. 

However, many people do not need all this. Many people feel that they will overdo it if they do a celebration on that scale. 

For people who feel like this, they arrange for small celebrations and do a civil marriage ceremony. It may sound a little boring at first because all you think of is a courtroom or the city hall when people talk of civil marriages. And even though many people do a mariage civil in a city hall, the options are not just limited to that. Civil Marriages can take place anywhere the couple wants. 

Civil Marriage – What does it look like? 

Civil Marriages are non-religious marriages officiated by a government official. States have different rules for a civil wedding ceremony. Many states do not allow any religious activity performed during civil marriage. Some states allow for few religious activities. 

Regarding the fees of a civil ceremony, it is more or less similar to a religious wedding ceremony. Regarding fees in the civil ceremony, the couple should see all the requirements, including venue, marriage licence, et cetera. 

Marriage Officiant

Here too, the requirements vary from State to State. The legal officiant of the civil marriage can be a county, court clerk, or notary, judge, or magistrate. If you decide on going to the city hall, then the officiant will be provided there only. If you plan on doing the wedding somewhere else, then you have to book the legal officiant. 

Who Do You Want To Invite 

Doing a civil marriage ceremony does not mean that you can entirely skip over the guest list. Bringing in some close people is not a bad idea! You can also invite a few close friends or colleagues as witnesses for the wedding ceremony. The witnesses need to be 18 or above. 

When you feel like it, you can celebrate parents, siblings, family relatives, and few other people. 

Advantages of Civil Marriage Ceremony 

Civil Marriages have many legal advantages for the couple. 

  1. Support: Doing a civil marriage means that couples have to support each other and help each other out. The partners have a responsibility towards each other. 
  2. Spousal Maintenance: After the death of one partner, the other one has the right to claim spousal maintenance. This way, the spouse can help themselves survive after their partner’s death. 
  3. Property Inheritance: The spouses can also claim properties left behind by their dead partner. 
  4. Division of Living Expenses: The two people have different needs, and so they spend differently from each other. The couple can divide these living expenses.  
  5. Ending the Relationship: If the relationship ends and the couple gets divorced, the property can be divided between both partners.

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