What is myjio app?

What is myjio app

The popularly used jio connection has its own formulated app called the my jio app. You can download this app directly from the google play store or iOS store. It is an app formulated for only users of Jio sim. (Phentermine)

What are available in the myjio app?

The app is designed for a variety of uses as follows:

  • You can easily recharge your jio number in a flash of time
  • You can use jio cinemas and jio tv to watch your favourite movies or stream your favourite channel live on your phone for free.
  • You can win passes for certain events in your city
  • You can gain vouchers while you recharge your phone. These vouchers can be later used to recharge your phone.
  • You can win discount coupons for several brands and much more

So, if you are jio users do not forget to take advantage of this app.

Can other network users take advantage of my jio app?

You can download the myjio app in any network but to sign up and use it you need a jio number and verification. So, if you do not own a jio connection you cannot take advantage of the myjio app.

Is the jio app available for free?

Yes, it is freely available in the play store or any other official store of your device.

Is the myjio app secure and free from any virus?

Myjio app is an official app and it is free from any virus or any other malware. So, you can rely on the app.

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Is myjio app safe enough to carry out transactions?

Yes, the myjio app is secured enough for any transactions via credit or debit cards or any other modes as well.

Can myjio app be downloaded onto your PC?

No, the app is exclusively designed for use in mobile devices and tablets and is not available for PC or any other web browsers or MacBook.

Is jio prime subscription available for free?

Yes, the jio prime subscription was freely offered to jio users initially. If you are not aware of your prime subscription you can check it on your jio app.

How to get started with the myjio app?

If you want to get started with the myjio app you can follow the following steps:

  • Download jio app from the official store of your device.
  • Simply install the app. You will not face any difficulty as it is not a third-party app.
  • Next, open the app
  • Sign in with your jio number. Other network numbers will not work.
  • You will receive an OTP in your jio number
  • Enter the OTP
  • Log in with your email id
  • That’s it you can now use the app.

Is the myjio app recommended for jio users?

Yes, definitely the myjio app is completely secure and free of cost and comes as an added advantage for jio users only. So, if you are on a jio network myjio app is highly recommended for you.

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