What Kind of Services Offered by Mould Removal Companies

What Kind of Services Offered by Mould Removal Companies

Instead of removing mould by yourself or passing the job to an inexperienced person, you should always hire a professional for the mould removal. There are multiple services offered by reputable specialists in mould removal ranges from mould remediation to bathroom ventilation. In this post, we shall discuss different services provided by mould removal companies.

Mould Remediation Services

Mould remediation service is one of the significant services provided by mould removal companies. There are five steps in this procedure. We have mentioned these five steps below. Please take a look.

  1. Inspection

Firstly, the expert team from a reputed mould removal company assesses the situation by inspecting the mould in your home or office.

  1. Detailed Report

After inspecting the mould situation at your place, professionals create a detailed report to identify the type of mould and choose the best solution.

  1. Eliminate all Visible Mould

They eliminate all the visible mould at your place through specific tools and machines.

  1. Decontamination Fogging

In this step, they eliminate all invisible airborne mould spores and other harmful contaminants.

  1. Installation of Mould Prevention Solutions

To prevent the mould from returning to your place, experts install the mould prevention solution and give you multiple tips to prevent the same.

Mould Testing

Testing is essential when you see mould growing on your property. In the case of visible mould, you need to call professionals immediately to treat it. On the other hand, when you leave mould accumulate at your place, it can damage the building and expose the inhabitant to health risks.

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When visible mould is not present, but you can experience a musty smell at your place every time, a mould test can reveal whether there is mould at your place or not.

Sub Floor Ventilation

According to several kinds of research, people get sick from dampness underneath floors. A damp subfloor attracts termites, and it can also compromise the integrity of the foundation of your property. Many mould removal companies offer you to install a subfloor ventilation system, the best solution for dampness underneath floors.

Structural Dying

There are three phases in structural drying. These are-

 Phase 1- Removal of Liquid Water

In the first phase, experts extract the standing by using specific machines.

Phase 2- Surface Drying

After extracting all the water from your place, professionals dry out the surface by using several machines.

Phase-3 Drying of Structural Materials

Experts know which machines should be used on certain materials for drying them out. They use different methods and machines for different materials.

Laundry and Bathroom Ventilation

Quality ventilation systems are required in both the laundry and bathroom as they are the rooms that often have les ventilation and maximum moisture. It is the perfect place for mould growth, and to prevent mould in these rooms. It would be best if you asked experts to install ventilation systems.

Laundry and Bathroom Ventilation

The Final Words

Nowadays, many mould removal companies offer different services instead of providing a single service of mould removal. Whether you want to install ventilation at your place or get your tested for mould, you can call a mould removal company for the same.  

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