What to look for in a transport company before shipping a boat?

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A boat is a very expensive thing, therefore while shipping it we have to think a lot in choosing the perfect shipping company for it, as we cannot hand it to any company without knowing about them, so are you in confusion about how to choose a transport company and what to look in them before making the choice?

We are here to sort your problem, here we will tell you what things you should consider while booking a shipping company for your boat.

The work of shipping companies is to ship your boat from one place to another, they do the shipping by road or sea depending on the preference you want. You will find a lot of companies on the internet offering to ship your boat but trusting them without thinking twice is not good for you therefore you should first look at some factors before finalizing any company.


The most important factor is to consider that a company is reliable or not, you can know that the company you are consulting to is reliable by looking at customer reviews of the company and from how many years the company is shipping boats. Going through the work history of a company will give you a sense that it is according to your requirement or not. Also, know about the financial stability of the company by looking at its financial report as this also tells about the reliability of the company.

Choosing a company that is not reliable can put you in trouble or delay your shipment so do consider these things before moving on.

Check the licenses:

The shipping companies also have a license issued by the FMCSA which is a sign that the company is having all the permissions to do the shipping, it also shows that the company is reliable. So always make sure that the company you are choosing is having the license issued by the FMCSA.

Member of organizations:

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Also, check the transport company you are willing to choose is a member of the organizations given below or not.

  • State transportation authorities
  • AHAA (Auto Haulers of America Association)
  • The auto transporters section of the American Trucking Association
  • NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies)

These organizations give their membership to the companies and tell them to provide good quality of work but they do not take a guarantee of anything.

Check insurance that the company is providing you:

While shipping a boat, there are many chances of damages that your boat can suffer, as we know how expensive a boat is, it is very important to look at the insurance policy of the company that you are choosing for the task, you should always consider all the things that can happen to your boat while looking at the insurance policy of the company, a company providing a good insurance policy which is covering all the essential points is giving you a good reason to choose them.


Pricing is also the most important thing to look upon, we try to book the company providing service at a low cost, but before doing that always check the services the company is offering and also the reliability of the company properly. Choose the one that is providing the best services at a low cost. Also, tell the company to provide their quote to know about its services. Do ask your boat shipping company that the quote is including the fees and the insurance price or only the fees.

Pick up and delivery dates:

A company that does not do the pickup and delivery on the date that it is mentioning in the agreement is not worthy to trust on, always try to avoid doing work with such companies who can not stick to their words.


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Good communication between the parties builds the trust between them, a company which is not communicating to its customers properly is not the one to choose, by communicating with your company you can know about the shipping process properly and also there will be no doubt in your mind regarding their services.


Do not just settle for the first company you know about, also compare the services of one company with the other to know that the company is not costing you more and providing good services to you.


Before booking any company for the shipment of your boat, do look at these factors and see if the company is satisfying all these points or not and go ahead accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions 1: Is looking at the shipping company’s quote necessary?

Yes, please have a look at the quote of the company, it will give a clear vision about the price and services of the company.

Question 2: Can pick up and delivery dates change?

Do contact your shipping company, if it will be possible they will do it.

Question 3: Is it necessary to look that a company is part of some organization?

No, it is not necessary. But it will be a good practice to do.

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