What You Should Know About Plant Delivery Services

Plant Delivery Services

Plant lovers who often have great tastes for some rare plant species might be out of luck while searching in most local nurseries. They may eventually find the one they are looking for but that would be after several visits to different nurseries. This is a result of the limited demand for some flowers compared to others.

Some plants are in higher demand than others, which has made most local breeders focus majorly on growing those plants. Some of these high-demand plants include Lavender, Roses, Sage, and Cactuses. However, some plants like Philodendron White Princess, Anthurium Veitchii, Monstera Adansonii, and Variegata Archipelago are rare and cannot be found easily in local nurseries.

However, the internet has helped save us a great deal of time in searching for the plants we need. Now you can stay within the comfort of your home to place an order for the plant you desire, and it would be delivered at your door in no time. The advantage of this is the convenience with which the product can be found, ordered, and delivered to you, saving time and energy. What You Should Know About Plant Delivery Services-

Things to Consider when Ordering Plants Online

Aside from the convenience that this brings, we do not want to be caught in the web of scammers. You must be very careful when making purchases online. You can consider the following before ordering a plant on the internet:

First, Go Through Customer Reviews

It is advisable to search for or request the reviews that past clients have given. These reviews can be found or requested on the seller’s website. In addition, you can look up reviews on Google or other legit third-party review sites. If the seller has a review from a prominent company or organization, it is a good sign.

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You should be careful not to be tricked by fake reviews that appear so catchy and attractive. Always use your discretion to identify those reviews that are only meant to sell you the product and don’t emphasize the good or bad qualities of the product.

Read the Seller’s Terms and Policies 

In most cases, we are caught between our excitement for the plant we want to order and the beautiful pictures shown on the seller’s website. You must understand that on most occasions, what you order might not come in the form in which it appeared on the seller’s website.

After ordering and the plant(s) are delivered, they may come as bare-root, young cuttings, or potted plants. This might not be what you would be expecting and may be disappointed. Before purchasing, ensure you read through the policy on purchases, deliveries, and returns. Doing this would enable you to know what you should be expecting on delivery. 

Have a Plan for a Growing Zone Before Purchasing Outdoor Plants 

Various plant species have distinct temperature ranges at which they can grow properly and survive for a long period. Figure out if the zone you are in can support such plants especially when they are outdoor plants. The last thing you want is to purchase a plant that dies after some days or weeks. 

Confirm the Planting Season of the Variety 

Plants have seasons. You must consider it before ordering one. Knowing this is very essential and determines the life span of the species ordered. Most suppliers do not supply to clients when the variety they request is out of season. You can click on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growing_season to know more about growing seasons.

Consider How the Plants Will Affect your Surrounding

The variety you may be interested in might have a long height or large roots when grown. You should consider if your environment can manage that. Read through the description of the species to be sure of its features, especially when mature. 

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This short study will provide you with insight into where or how you should position them in your nursery. Some sellers add pictures of the mature plants on their website to enable you to resolve if the place you prepared for it would fit.

Do Not Leave Out the Growth Specifications

You can easily get carried away by the sight of the beautiful images on the seller’s website and forget to go through the growth requirements. This will inform you about the soil type needed, temperature, sunlight effect, water requirements, etc.

Take the Pain of Paying for Faster Shipping

Generally, most shipping takes an average of 4 to 5 days before arriving at your doorstep. This is not very healthy for most crops because they are in boxes for a long time. The temperature might not be suitable as well as the light and air. 

Most sellers offer a faster delivery option. However, this costs more than the original shipping fee. You can take the pain of paying for this to avoid any complications that may arise during shipping. The less time the delivery takes, the better for the crop’s health. You can watch this video to know how to care for your plant when it arrives in a box.

Finally, Go Through the Return Policy 

It is worthy to note that sellers with a good return policy often deliver quality. Read through the return policy to see if you can quickly return the package if anything goes wrong. A proper return system means that the seller is very meticulous about their packaging and delivery. They would do this to avoid returns and a bad image that might be evident on the customer review page.


The internet has made many things easier like purchasing our favorite plant from an online store. It has been able to save us the time and energy of searching for our favorite species. However, you should take care when purchasing on the internet. Make sure you confirm the authenticity of the seller before buying. The steps outlined should assist you to enjoy a seamless online purchase and delivery.

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