When And How Does Bed Wedge Pillow Can Help With Your Sleep?

Bed Wedge Pillow

How many time did you woke up with nasal congestion or feeling the acidic burn inside? Lots of times right?

But how many times you suspected that the pillow has anything to do with it? It’s a pity that most of us try to research a lot about the mattress tend but forget to do the same for a pillow. So if your sleep is suffering from these symptoms, we are about to introduce you to that can effectively solve your problems like this.

What is a bed wedge pillow?

The bed wedge pillow is a moderately firm pillow that is raised or inclined from a side. It helps to keep your head raised during sleep. You can use it alone, or if you think you love your standard pillow, you use that too. For the best combination, buy the best mattress for side sleepers also if you are a side sleeper.

How does bed wedge pillow can help with your sleep?

Have you seen adjustable beds in hospitals? You might have seen the head of the patient is raised. Why? Because it helps them to sleep well if they are suffering from sleep-related problems. The same principle works with the bed wedge pillow.

Do you have back pain or osteoporosis?

Are you a patient of back pain or osteoporosis?

Then This bed wedge pillow may prove to be a blessing for you. If the best mattress for hip pain could not help to reduce your pain,  give wedge pillows a chance.

It will provide additional lumber and spine support. You can place this pillow between your legs to relieve your lower back pain as well.

Are you pregnant?

Bed wedge pillow helps pregnant women to get into a perfect position during sleep:

Pregnant women need quite a lot of pillows to get into an ideal sleeping position. We know the struggle ladies.

But merely getting a bed wedge pillow can give you the comfort you were yearning for long. Place the pillow between your legs which will support with your baby bump. This way you will find the most comfortable support without surrounding yourself with thousands of pillows.

Do you suffer from acid reflux?

When stomach juice flows backward out of our guts into the esophagus, it causes acid reflux. But if you sleep on a bed wedge pillow, the stomach juice cannot go there into the throat. You should try the pillow for the sake of your gut health as stomach juice damages the tissues around the esophagus.

What are some bed wedge pillow to buy:

Helix wedge pillow :

Helix wedge pillow is made with solid gel layers that make it a medium firm. The foam is high density and helps to release the pressure of your body. But remember that only the cover can be removed and washed not the pillow.

If you are someone who loves to sit keeping with a supportive pillow then this is perfect for you.

Fitplus premium bed wedge

Only 35 dollars for such an amazing pillow is defiantly a great bargain. The fitplus premium bed wedge is completely affordable, but there is no compromise with quality.

Its Medium firm pillow and high-density polyfoam are all you need for better sleep.  Suffering from sleep apnea? then you should try it out.

InteVision Foam wedge pillow

Do you have a problem with lower air circulation in parts of the body?

Then InteVision Foam wedge pillow is a perfect bed wedge pillow for you. It can help to raise the legs and knees to a great extent. Also, it is one is the thickest wedge pillow available in the market.

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