Which food should mothers take to increase baby weight?

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As a mother, we always fuss around what to feed our babies. But we forget the most important factor that affects the weight, and overall health of a baby is what we consume. As a breastfeeding mother, it is very important to eat healthy food.

A baby loses weight in the first week of their birth, following which they start gaining again. Weight gain and health of a baby has always been a concern for moms.  But eating right on your end will reduce your stress and help your baby gain weight. Also, baby weighing machines help in keeping track of the weight gain of a baby.

Why feeding a baby is important?

Breast milk is the most nutritious food that you can give your babies up to 6 months. A mother’s milk is better than any superfood available in the market. It is filled with all kind of vitamins and nutrition that a baby requires for growth and development.

As a mother to ensure quality and nutritious milk, you need to eat healthy food. As a lactating mother, you need to include lentils, chickpeas, almonds, flax seeds which are proven to be beneficial.

What to eat as a breastfeeding mother?

The different type of food that you can be included in the diet of a lactating mother is as follows:

  1.    Galactagogues: These are a type of food that boosts break milk. Garlic, fenugreek seed sprouts, coconut, and seeds are the best galactogogues that can be included in your diet.
  2.    Milk: drinking two glasses of milk every day will help your baby gain weight. Non- skimmed cow milk is the best diet for lactating mothers. Milk contains a lot of proteins, which are essential for building body muscle mass.
  3.    Ghee: homemade ghee is a very important food for brain development. Majority of mothers avoid consuming it for fear of weight gain. Eating ghee with your diet increases the quality of milk and helps in child development.
  4.    Banana: Not better food that banana to help your baby gain weight. Banana contains a ton load of nutrients and is least allergies making it safe for consumption. The best way to eat a banana is raw or in smoothie form.
  5.    Whole wheat and grains: they are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. In India, it is strongly believed that porridge made of whole grains is the best diet for lactating mothers. As porridge contains galactagogues, which is very important and also carbohydrates are easy to digest.
  6.    Nuts and dried fruits: almonds, walnuts, dates, raisins should be consumed. These nuts are filled with calories that help in gaining weight. Also, they lower the bad cholesterol in your body.
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How much to eat?

Generally, it is advised to listen to your body and eat as per your appetite.  Nursing a young baby can make you feel hungry; hence maintain a diet ranging between 300 – 500 calories per day. Further, your calories intake depends on the activity, weight and nutrition level.

In addition to all this, remember to stay positive and check your baby weight at regular intervals to track the growth rate. Baby weighing scales is a helpful tool that offers tons of features making weighing easy and stressful.

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