White and Red Wedding Dress

white and red wedding dress

White and red wedding dress are two of the most common color options brides want to wear on their day. Although most Christian women prefer wearing a traditional white wedding dress, the trend has slightly shifted to the red ones.

Earlier, brides used to wear white during the wedding ceremony in the church. The red dresses were usually kept for the after-party or reception. Nowadays, there are red dress options that are worn in the church. Some of them like to blend the two colors together and carry a beautiful color combination.

Best white and red wedding dress options

We have handpicked some of the lovely white and red wedding dress options for you to give you styling tips. You can use these images as inspiration and make your wedding look exclusive:

1. The traditional white

If you’re one of the old-school brides who will like to retain the traditional vibe of a Christian wedding. you will love the classic white. Let’s admit that this can never grow old or look bad. It is just a classic piece that suits you irrespective of how simple it might be. To try the classic white wedding dress look, get yourself an off-shoulder white dress that is tight around the abdomen but flares up after the knee area. Let the gown flow as you wear your veil up high. Be assured that you can never go wrong with this one!

white and red wedding dress

2. A strip of red that makes all the difference

When you’re planning to add red to your white gown but want to keep it subtle too, try something like this. Here, the traditional and classic white wedding dress is added with a lovely patch of red and has sparkles on it. Even when the rest of the wedding garment is just as you know them to be, the red strip is making all the difference here.

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white and red wedding dress

3. The red hibiscus

If you love the essence of flowers and the brightness it brings to a happy day, you will love this red hibiscus-like wedding attire. The pretty piece is all ruffled up in layers and has one off-shoulder design. The bride has a crown on her head and that is making the look complete. All she needs is the wedding ring to give it a finishing touch.

4. White wedding dress with red sequin

Sequin is pretty much in trend so why leave it when considering a white and red wedding dress? Here we see a couple coming out of the church right after their wedding. The bride is wearing a lovely white gown that has red sequin designs all over. The hairdo also has a touch of red to complete the look while the bouquet in her hand is doing a little more magic to the look.

5. Vermilion gown

If you’re trying to play with colors, there are endless options in red. From vermillion to crimson red there are many colors that fall under the bigger color shade of red. Here is one such example of a lovely gown that both backless and off-shoulder. The dress is flared up in an unordinary way and that is adding more charm to it.

6. Lacework

We all love lacework and have tried it in some form of clothing. But what do you think about this kind of design for your wedding dress? If you are an Indonesian or inspired by their sense of style, you will love this kind of clothing. Indonesian women wear a white top and sarong during religious ceremonies. Lacework comes naturally to them as their tops are made of white lacework material. These look beautiful and add a different charm to these women. You can make your entire wedding dress of this kind and personalize it according to your style.

7. Indian wedding dress

Indian women mostly wear red at their weddings and they have different types of clothing. Some wear a lehenga suit that includes a blouse or ‘choli’ and a long skirt or ‘lehenga’. Depending on the culture they either wear bridal lehenga choli or sarees. Sarees are more common but they have different ways to drape. They look like long sarongs that are styled according to culture and traditions.

8. The straight whites

If comfort is the most important for you, skip the long gowns or large flares that become unmanageable. You might not have the bridesmaids all the time to hold the dress for you. In order to not trip or to simply not feel uncomfortable, trial the simple and straight wedding dresses that look classy. If you have the right kind of accessories, you will look good anyway.

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9. Bold in crimson

While most women tend to avoid bold colors on their wedding day, especially when it is a church wedding, you can break the stereotype. You can buy a darker shade of red and make your wedding look gothic. You need to know how to carry it since most people are not aware of how such colors look good on a bride. The outfit must made you look bride-like even if it is bold and beautiful.

10. Heavy work

If you want your bridal dress to have heavy work on it, the color will hardly matter. Many women want to maintain the traditional white aspect but they also want to make their look unique. You can concentrate on the kind of work that can be done on the wedding dress and not think about single-color usage. Since the trends include red too, you can mix both together and try it.

White and red wedding dress

Final thoughts

There are many more ways to add the mix and red and white in your wedding. You can make the theme red and white and ask all your bridesmaid to dress up in red while you’re all in white. You must also be in sync with your partner to make sure you complement each other. These are some of the tips that will help you select the best wedding dress for your special day. If you’re looking for some more ideas you can also try color shades of pink, blue, orange, with white to add brightness and understand the respective significance of each color.

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