Who Will Pick Up My Used Furniture for Donation?

Who Will Pick Up My Used Furniture for Donation

Are you stuck at home wondering who’ll pick up your used furniture for donation? Well, worry no more, as we have a list of people who can do that for you. Dealing with furniture removal isn’t easy. The most obvious reason is its bulkiness, which is discouraging.

When you sit down and imagine how you, or your family will remove old pieces of furniture, you give up. And we can’t blame you for that as it’s a tall order – even for the furniture removal experts. (Adderall) The fact that it’s never easy doesn’t make it impossible. Once you know whom to call, everything will be quick and straightforward. Here are some of the people you can contact when you need furniture removal services for donation:

A Furniture Removal Company

This had to come first on the list due to its level of convenience. Imagine making one phone call and getting people to remove all the old pieces of furniture inside your house. Using furniture removal companies is that simple. And you won’t even stretch a muscle handling heavy furniture. They can also take the piece of furniture for donation to any charity group you choose.

The Salvation Army

Your mind should always focus on the Salvation Army, in case you’re thinking of furniture removal. They have been around for the past century or more, and have several locations all over the world.

The best part is that they’ll come and pick up the furniture from you. They don’t have preferences on what they accept, but rather take in anything. However, their only requirement is that the items need to be in a good condition.

The Salvation Army arranges pickups for stuff like mattresses, furniture, clothing, household electronics, and appliances. They may even take used cars and books, if you’re willing to give them away.

They go and help those in need of these items including, youths at risk, the elderly, and natural disaster victims. To arrange furniture removal from them, visit https://satruck.org/donate/choose and fill in your zip code. Thereafter, you’ll need to note down the items that you want to donate.


Another great organization that can pick up your furniture is Goodwill. It started out in 1902 with several stores in Canada and the USA. Once they collect your items, they’ll sell them to those in need at a highly subsidized amount – basically throw-away-price.

The revenue accrued from the sale of these items goes to placement programs, job training, and various other initiatives. They mainly help the elderly, youth, disabled, and several other people in need. To find them, you can visit Goodwill.org/locator.

Habitat for Humanity

Founded in 1976, Habitat has helped thousands of people across the globe. They mainly provide decent and cost-effective housing to those in need. They accept various household items from donors including, furniture, electronics, and even building materials.

You can schedule a pickup through this site https://www.habitat.org/stories/does-habitat-offer-furniture-donation-pickup. Once you visit the site, fill in your zip code to see a list of Habitat stores within your locality.

The Arc

This organization supports those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Since 1950, the organization has touched the lives of thousands of individuals. Their funding mostly comes from thrift stores, which get donations from well-wishers.

They accept furniture, vehicles, books, clothing, and other household items. Their target group is mainly adults and kids with mental disabilities. Are you interested in donating that old piece of furniture to them? Well, it’s simple, visit www.feelgreatdonate.org and follow the prompts.

Green Drop

Green Drop not only picks up your items, but also offers free home cleaning. This service helps them to get donations of large volumes of clothing, and other household items. The basic logic behind it is that someone will only know how much junk is present when cleaning.

They normally send in one of their experts to determine the products possible for donation. Afterwards, you get the right experts who’ll take all of the furniture for donation. They sell these items and the proceeds accrued go to the needy. Once you’re ready for the pickup, you can visit www.GoGreenDrop.com to donate.

Pick Up Please

The furniture removal organization can pick up your item within 24 hours. Another advantage with them is that you don’t have to be at home. You only need to label the items and they’ll pick them up for free. The best part is that the driver or staff picking up the items will leave you a tax deduction receipt, even if you’re away.

The organization then sells these items and uses the proceeds to fund different charity plans and services. To schedule a pickup, visit www.PickUpPlease.org.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, giving your furniture for donation or any other items to charity offers the best level of satisfaction. Take the noble step today and donate your old items to charity. The best part is that these groups come and pick up the items at no extra charge. If you’re unable to organize the pickup from them, then a reliable furniture removal company can haul the item from your home.



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