Why are solar powered street lights gaining prominence today?

Why are solar powered street lights gaining prominence today?

Natural sources of power and energy are never ending! Recently, it is solar power that gaining prominence as a trustable street light source globally.  The benefits are plenty. It ranges from minimized use of conventional energy, saving more energy and lesser dependability on the national grid. So, countries that have good sunlight can benefit from solar street light installation. You can use it to add radiance to your garden, streets, public spaces as well as parks.

What makes solar street lights gain popularity?

Simply put, the modern-day solar street lights get powered through the PV panels. It comes with a built-in battery, has smart sensors and gets incorporated into one comprehensive unit. These lights are a cost-efficient choice. It is also eco-friendly and is a great option to use in public spaces. These lights help to conserve energy, are good looking, are permanent and are completely maintenance free. All the important aspects make a new age solar street lights apt for domestic and commercial lighting solutions.

The main features of solar street lights

Concerning feature, solar street light comes with an embedded panel, a robust battery management system, built-in lithium-ion batteries, automatic controls as well as motion sensors. Some of the lights also come with advanced passive infrared sensors. Additionally, these lights are both water-resistant and water-proof. Other advanced features comprise of reduced insect attraction rate, has increased shelf-life and also a very low glare.

Also, the embedded solar panel helps in transforming solar power into electrical energy. And this power gets stored inside the battery making the light last from dusk to dawn. The principal advanced feature of this light is its battery management system that gets facilitated by the motion and night sensors. The first five hours in the night, the light works with high efficiency. And only after these five hours, there is a gradual reduction in its luminosity. When you see individuals present within a selected radius and at a distance from the light, the brightness automatically increases. And this advanced feature makes this light an apt blend of effective energy and renewable energy.

Today, multiple brands have come up with advanced solar power street lights. It comes in many variants as well. And this lighting system is apt for streets, boundary walls, courtyards, compounds, parks and many more. The lights are available within an affordable budget.

The essential benefits

These lights have been designed in an off-grid manner that reduces functional expenses. The lights are wireless and very easy to operate. In comparison to the traditional street lights, solar street lights need minimal to no maintenance. Since there are no external wires, the lights don’t carry any danger of accidents such as overheating, strangulation and electrocution. Instead, these lights keep the street filled with light all across the night regardless of grid failures as well as power cuts.

Today, you can have access to these lights from the popular service provider available online. Recently, the consumption of these lights has increased manifold.  When the streets have light during the night hours, there’s visibility and security. The solar street lights are here to make our lives a little better and easier.

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