Why health promotion is critical to your happiness

It is important to have a balanced lifestyle. In today’s hectic world, it is easy to forget the basics that make life fulfilling. These basics are also critical to your long-term health. Here are the things you need for a healthy mind and body:


For many people, there is always a niggling thought in the back of their minds that they are not doing enough. The truth is that the modern world often leaves people stressed and overworked. It is vital to have some time to rest and recover from the wear and tear of daily life. This means setting aside some time each day for yourself. Even 30 minutes of doing something just for you can make a significant difference to your health and overall outlook.

Rest also involves getting enough sleep to stay healthy and alert during the day. While working hard and going without proper rest can feel necessary sometimes, it is essential not to make that the daily routine of your life.

If you feel obligated to take on more tasks than you should, you need to evaluate those feelings. Is it you that is placing this stress and obligation on yourself, or are you being pressured by others? Regardless, it is imperative that you find a work-life balance that is healthy for you and your family.


A positive and rewarding work environment has a lot of benefits. If you are happy in your career and work life, this will translate to a higher level of health and satisfaction in all the other areas of your life. 

If you are in a job that makes you feel like you are in a rut, then it may be best to take steps toward making a career change. While you may not be able to make an immediate change, knowing that you are taking steps and that you are not just stuck in the same position forever will improve your daily outlook. For example, if you have been working as an RN for years, completing an MSN-AGNP online program in your spare time can lead to a different role with a higher salary.

The part-time program at the University of Indianapolis offers a supportive learning environment that will help advance your nursing career. It allows you to gain a deeper insight into the field and improve your skills so you can provide the very best care for your patients. 

Positive thinking and mental attitude

Negative thinking affects not only mental health but physical as well. Negative thoughts make it harder to do a good job of performing daily tasks. A negative attitude can affect your relationship with others and prevent them from seeing your true potential. 

Positive thinking means believing in yourself and those you care about. This can translate to your work life as well. If you are a leader, having a good attitude is essential. Unfortunately, negative thinking is quite contagious, especially when a leader is doing it.

While it is natural to have some negative thoughts, it is not good to consistently dwell on the negative so much that it always outweighs any positive thoughts. Try to look at both sides of a situation and assess the negatives and positives. Having a good attitude is essential for your team’s success.

A good mental outlook also helps heal. People that are injured or battling an illness often recover faster if they have a supportive environment that encourages a positive outlook.

A healthy diet

Healthy food does not have to be bland. There are many delicious recipes available online that can help you develop weekly meal plans so your whole family can eat better. A healthy diet is key to preventing heart disease and diabetes, two of the most common healthcare concerns in the modern world.

Healthy diets make it much easier to maintain a good body mass index and weight. While it can be hard to make significant dietary changes, it is important to remember that small steps can lead to big rewards. Just cutting out a few sugary sodas per day shaves around 300 calories from your daily caloric intake. 

If you are having a hard time eating healthily, you can talk to your doctor and get some advice on how to get started and gradually change your eating habits. Healthy substitutions are one way to make changes without feeling so deprived. If you crave sweet and sugary snacks, choosing fruit instead of candy can help curb cravings.

Regular exercise

The modern lifestyle can make it hard for some to fit exercise into their daily routine. Doctors advise that everyone gets at least 20 minutes of exercise three to five times per week. Unless otherwise directed, this exercise should raise your heart rate.

Incorporating regular exercise into weekly routines helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise helps reduce or prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol too.

Many people who start exercising more often report that they feel more energetic and have a more positive mental outlook, even during particularly stressful periods.

There are many ways to get the exercise you need no matter what. If you are an outdoors person, then a brisk walk or jog may be just what you need. If the weather is bad, using exercise equipment at home or going to a shopping center where you can walk indoors are all decent options.

Exercising at home is easier than ever due to the plethora of online fitness routines and classes available on such websites as YouTube. For a premium experience, there are even online fitness classes where you pay a slight fee. Basic weights and an exercise ball are inexpensive. If you want a high-end exercise bike or similar, remember to check out Craigslist or similar sites. All too many people invest in new equipment and then move or find they need something different.


Changing unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices can be challenging, but the good news is that you do not have to change everything at once to gain better health and emotional wellbeing. Make a list of ways to take better care of yourself and then implement changes at a manageable rate. You will be surprised how soon you see amazing results in your life.

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