Why Is Gucci So Expensive?

Why Is Gucci So Expensive

Material, design, processing, and marketing are collective forces that answer why is Gucci so expensive. But the question that follows is – Is it worth it? Gucci has been increasing its price following the price increase trend like most other high-end brands. Here, we will discuss what makes it so expensive and if it is even worth it.

All you need to know about Gucci

It is important to dig deep into the details about the brand to analyze why is Gucci so expensive. The brand is almost 100 years old as it was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. It started from Florence with a humble beginning and grew from a tiny shop. Guccio Gucci, along with his three sons, turned their business into a multi-billion-dollar company over the next few decades.

We know Gucci today as a luxury brand that sells the finest of leather products like shoes, bags, and accessories. It soon became an iconic fashion brand that it is today and a staple to high-end fashion.

Gucci has always been celebrated by celebrities, especially musicians. The brand has been promoted in many songs. Most people follow their favorite celebs and buy high-end brands like these. Let us find out if you should consider buying them too.

Why is Gucci so expensive and what is it worth?

As per recent trends, Gucci and more high-end designer brands have increased their prices than usual on clothing and accessories. But if you compare it to the cost that goes into making them, it is pretty high.

The process of creating a Gucci product starts with designers and they create original items for the brand. Designers charge heftily because of the time and effort they put in for designing every unique piece of clothing. Elite designers will charge high and that’s what consumers need to pay to wear something like a Gucci.

The next process where Gucci puts in their money is the manufacturing of products. The company needs to pay for the raw materials, tools for manufacturing, labor charges, and to ship it to the warehouse. As the costs keep rising, the company compensates it by increasing the price of the product.

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Once they complete a product, they need to pay for advertising and marketing. They need this in order to promote their products to the consumers. This part takes a lot of money, given the value of the brand and the expensive marketing approaches.

Is Gucci worth the money spent?

Every consumer who desires to own exclusive products from high-end fashion will want to buy a Gucci product. There are wealthy people for whom brands matter and they have the fortune to spend thousands of dollars on Gucci.

On one end, there is a class of people who can afford Gucci and then there are the masses who cannot. Most middle class or upper-middle-class people will think twice before buying a Gucci product.

There are also people who can afford Gucci but think that it is overrated and overpriced. However, it is true that Gucci is fashion-forward and has a few classic sells that make them who they are.

Most expensive Gucci products

A Gucci belt is usually the first thing you will want to buy from the brand, especially if you’re a man. People love to pair it with their outfit and want to flaunt the logo.

Many people don’t even think if it is stylish or suiting with what they wear. They want to flaunt a brand and that’s not always how you style yourself.

If you’re someone majorly into fashion, you will not like watching everyone wear a specific type of belt because of the brand. This is also the reason why Gucci belts are not as special as they used to be and many are moving onto to bags instead.

Again, bags are pretty expensive compared to belts but they are made of quality material. Take a look at some of the most costly products made by Gucci. These have given the brand a great marketing high:

1. Gucci Diamond Belt

If you can afford a diamond belt by Gucci that costs around $256,970, you’re in for a different charm altogether. Just make sure it suits what you wear to be able to carry it not just to flaunt an expensive product.

2. Jackie Crocodile shoulder bag

Gucci priced this special bag for $37,400 and was one of the costliest products they had. It was put together by famous designers and was made of crocodile leather with gold hardware.

3. Tote handbag

Totes are pretty common for women as they literally fit in everything they can need. Gucci had priced one of their totes at $32,000 that was made of fine crocodile skin and used nickels for the metallic part.

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4. Soft Stirrup Shoulder Bag

Looking for a classic Gucci bag, try out their stirrup shoulder bags that cost around $29,990. These are made of non-dyed crocodile skin and looks natural. The bags have a unique design that Gucci tends to patent and has a lot of space inside.

5. Watch

The digital watch of GRAMMY special edition was priced at $7,900 by Gucci. It was a limited-edition product and one of the most luxurious options to buy.

6. Jeans

The brand has several designs of jeans that cost you around $4,000 or more. One special light blue printed jean with floral motifs went viral.

7. Leather boots

A famous pair of woven leather boots for women by this brand was priced at $3,750 and was a pretty unique option to try.

8. Fuchsia wool wrap

Another expensive product from Gucci included a fuchsia wool wrap in pink that was priced $3,200.

These were some of the most expensive Gucci products ever sold and also bought by people who could afford.

Gucci fakes

Like most high-end brands, even Gucci has many fake products. There are also people who want to have their hands-on products that look similar to a Gucci product. These are copies of the original and made with cheaper quality goods. These can include bags, jumpsuits, shirts, bandanas, and more.

Is Gucci overrated?

Although it is a debatable question, many people think than Gucci is overrated. This is simply because if everyone can afford the same product, the brand loses the luxury factor.

Not all products from Gucci are exclusive. They have more than one piece and that’s what makes it a waste of money to most people.

A celebrity will wear a Gucci only when there isn’t another piece like that. But there are many people who have been using the same belts, slides, and bags from Gucci season after season. So, the people who actually wear a Gucci use it because of the brand and not the fashion statement.

Final thoughts

The main way to answer why is Gucci so expensive is due to the brand value it has grown over the years and the celebrity influence it creates. However, until it gives you an exclusive designer piece that no one else has, it is probably a waste to spend that much.

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