Why We Must Pay Tax Timely?

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The government of every country levies a host of taxes upon the people. These taxes are levied to allow the government to run the country smoothly and efficiently. However, you may end up viewing these taxes as a burden or as theft by the government. You may hold this negative viewpoint due to the numerous corruption allegations against government officials. This kind of a negative viewpoint is detrimental to the growth of any country and hence give reasons why it is important to pay tax.

Reasons why it is important to pay tax

Find out why you must pay tax USA regularly and:

1. Social responsibility

The citizen of every country has a moral and social responsibility to the country. This means that you must give back to the country which has provided you with a home and a means of sustenance. As an individual, you may not have the power to bring about a noticeable change in the country. However, by timely paying taxes you can help the government run the country smoothly and do your small part.

2. Support the poor

By paying tax, you help support the poor people and make them survive. The government spends your tax money to provide food and shelter to the weaker sections of the population. You may not personally receive any recognition for this. However, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping the poor by paying your taxes online.

3. Better infrastructure

Your tax helps the government improve the infrastructure of the country. Your taxes help the government build new infrastructure and maintain the existing infrastructure. The government builds hospitals, police stations and fire stations with the money you pay as taxes. These establishments, in turn, provide you with a better environment to live in.

4. Better Roads

The government uses the money you pay as taxes to build better roads and to maintain existing ones. The smooth roads that you drive over every day are maintained using the money you pay as taxes. Without your tax money, the quality of the roads will deteriorate quickly. Hence, you should feel proud that you are contributing to the maintenance of roads.

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5. Improved Public Transport

From time to time you may have used public transport in your city or in a city which you were visiting. This public transport is in fact funded by the money you pay as taxes. All the means of public transport like buses and metro rails are maintained using the money you pay as taxes. The government uses your tax money to upgrade public transport so that traveling can be affordable and comfortable.

6. Defense

Each country needs to maintain and upgrade its defense forces which consist of the army, navy and the air force. The government does this by using the money you pay as taxes. The defense forces of the country keep the borders safe so that you can sleep peacefully. You should be proud that by paying your taxes, you are helping in protecting the country.

7. Public health

Sometimes you or your loved ones may fall sick. At such instances, you must have rushed to a government to avail quality and affordable healthcare. These government hospitals are run using the money you pay as taxes. The government uses the taxpayer’s money to upgrade and maintain existing public health facilities. The government builds new hospitals, pharmacies and starts new vaccination programs using the money you pay as taxes. Good public health raises living standards.

8. Proper governance

The government has a moral responsibility to provide good governance to the people. However, it needs your help in doing that. You can do your bit in helping the government run the country by paying your tax on time.

9. Housing and sanitation

Housing and sanitation are important metrics for assessing the development of a country. The government improves housing and sanitation condition by using the money you pay as taxes. It is important to remember that without your contribution, the country will not be able to improve its living conditions. You should be happy that you are contributing to the growth of the country and you should encourage others to do so as well.

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10. Public welfare

The government launches several schemes targeting public welfare like safety drives, vaccination programs, and pension plans. All these programs are launched and sustained using the money you pay as taxes. Such ventures benefit not just you, but also the people of the entire country. You should rest easy knowing that you are uplifting your family as well as the people around you by paying your taxes.

11. Smooth economy

A smooth economy is vital for the financial well-being of a country and this is brought about by the money you pay as taxes. The government invests your money in piling up gold reserves and foreign currency reserves which stabilizes the currency of the country. It uses your money to set up stock exchanges and financial institutions that provide loans and monitor the economy. The government has set up institutes that are responsible for running a smooth economy. The end benefit of having such institutes will always trickle down to you and your entire family.

12. Public safety

The government invests the money you pay as tax into improving public safety. The government sets up establishments like police stations and fire stations which employ firemen and police officers. These people are employed only to ensure that you and your family live in a safe and secure environment. Thus, by paying your taxes on time, you are building a safer world for your family and for the people around you.

Final thoughts

Changing the country single-handedly may seem like a daunting task but you have been doing it by paying your taxes. You don’t need to move mountains or serve in the government to become a part of the growth story of the country. All you need to do to change the country is to pay your taxes honestly and on time. Now that you have understood the importance of paying taxes, it is time to spread the message and let everyone know how important taxes really are.


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