Why You Need to Start Dubbing Your Content Today


When you think of dubbing, you might think of shows from other countries. Have you ever considered that it works both ways as a content creator or brand? As the world becomes smaller and smaller, with everyone being able to connect instantly and consume content from anywhere, you need to consider dubbing your content. Many dubbing companies, such as Voquent, already offer professional dubbing services, so targeting many world markets is an easy task if this was already the plan. This article will examine a few reasons you need to start dubbing your content today.

No Reading Difficulty

The primary reason you should consider dubbing your content today is that not everyone can read. This can pose quite a problem, especially if you have been satisfied with only using subtitles. Did you know that around 14% of the world’s population can’t read? More importantly, about 295 million people have moderate-to-severe visual impairment, and 43 million are blind. By dubbing your content, you are increasing your viewership and allowing access to those that simply would not have been able to understand it previously.

Keep the Message Accurate

Another benefit of dubbing your content is that you won’t have to sacrifice the message. Whether you wrote the conversation or a brilliant team of writers, sometimes specific phrases are un-translatable. Dubbing then requires transcreation of translation, where phrases must be adjusted to make cultural sense in the new language. Dubbing content allows for a more accurate translation of the dialogue in the new language, holding onto the core message rather than a word-for-word subtitle translation.


One of the most unfortunate aspects of using subtitles is that you might not be able to translate the dialogue accurately. For example, some words need to be stressed when speaking, which changes the meaning of a sentence. This isn’t easily conveyed when using subtitles but is perfectly expressed when dubbing. This is even more important when considering jokes or content that requires a specific tone to land, relying on timing and emphasis.

Connection for the Viewer

Of all the reasons you should consider dubbing your content today, one of the most important reasons is that it will allow your viewer to connect with the content. Have you ever watched a movie or video in another language and struggled to connect with the characters? You are not alone; if you are not dubbing your content, your viewers will struggle to relate and connect, which will mean less retention, engagement,  and a decline in viewership.

Convey Emotion Better

Finally, the last reason on this list is the ultimate reason you should begin dubbing your content today; subtitles don’t effectively convey emotion. If you aim for your content to be dramatic or produce a feeling from the viewers, this won’t happen from reading subtitles. As mentioned above, when certain words are stressed, it changes the meaning of a sentence and, more importantly, the emotional complexity of the content.

In Conclusion

While getting away with only using subtitles was common practice in the past, the world has changed. Now people can consume content from any country, meaning that you might get viewers from all over the world. If you are not dubbing the content, you are losing out on viewership and preventing potential viewers from enjoying your content. Start dubbing today.


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