Why You Should Consider Living in Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

If you are looking for a place to live, consider Iwate Prefecture. It has plenty of rental houses that you can get at affordable prices. There are various reasons why you should consider getting an Iwate apartment, and you should read on to find out more.

An overview of Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan (Hokkaido is the largest prefecture). However, it has a low population density with a small population of 1.26 million people. It has fourteen cities, including; Ninohe City, Morioka City, Takizawa City, and Hachimantai City. Morioka City is the prefecture’s capital city with about 300,000 people. Also, it has fifteen towns and four villages.

Iwate’s climate

Whenever you settle in a new place, you need to gauge whether the area has your ideal climate. Before you get an 岩手 県 アパート, here is a brief on the kind of weather to expect;

  • The inland region- The inland is hilly and mountainous. The area on the west ÔU mountains has plenty of good-quality snow. Therefore, the area is home to popular ski resorts. The inland region tends to experience continental climate and experiences fluctuating temperatures.
  • Coastal region– The region experiences a maritime climate. Hence, it has cool summers, and the winters are not as cold as those of the winter region.

In Iwate, you can feel the changing seasons distinctly throughout the year. Some parts of Iwate may not even require air conditioning during summer, and you can use pellet stoves to heat your home during winter. These pellet stoves use timber left over from forest thinning to provide heat.

Iwate has a fantastic environment

The most significant selling point of Iwate Prefecture is its environment. Its land is fertile, and nature has provided the prefecture with mountains and the sea. The coast has plenty of fishing grounds; therefore, you will find lots of fresh seafood in Iwate.

Also, there are plenty of hot springs with an overflow of hot water. You can also enjoy viewing your favorite wild animals on Sanriku Reconstruction National Park. The environment is a treat that you can explore all year-round. (Cialis)


Other Iwate’s selling points

The environment is not the only selling point of Iwate. If you are not yet convinced to get an Iwate apartment, here are some of the things that may make you reconsider;

  • It has global access since it has two airports: Hanamaki Airport, Sendai Airport, and Haneda Airport.
  • It has an extensive healthcare system as it has plenty of general hospitals in every area of the prefecture.
  • It has access to Tokyo- You can quickly get to Tokyo using a train which only takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Tokyo. You can also access Tokyo by expressway.
  • In the cities, there are plenty of shopping malls and supermarkets where you can get anything you need

Bottom Line

Iwate Prefecture is an area you should consider making your home. It boasts of a great environment and also every essential you could need. There are plenty of apartments available in the area, and you should consider getting one.


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