Wife Cheating: Clues To Help You With Catching her

Wife Cheating

 Suspecting your husband or wife cheating is never a good feeling, but when the notion pops into your head, you usually want to find out the truth. In heterosexual relationships, men have a difficult time coming to terms with the notion that their wives might actually have stepped outside their marriage. 

In many cases, wives are unfaithful as the result of an event that altered their life in some way. Perhaps there was a trauma, maybe a health event, a loss, or something major happened on the job that switched her thought process concerning the boundaries she had in place.

Whatever the cause, the person you see before you is virtually unrecognizable with new habits, unusual behavior, even a different outward appearance calling into question the continued faith you carry that your wife could never do anything to disrupt the harmony of your marriage. 

In fact, women are just as capable, if not more so, of having an affair as men are today, meaning men need to remove the blinders and progress optimistically but with caution through each day attempting to keep the relationship fresh, happy, and healthy. But all the while watching for potential signs of betrayal. See this for ways you can catch a cheating spouse.

Wife Cheating: Warning Signs

Most often the warning signs something is wrong in the marriage for a man pop up all of a sudden even though there has been a problem for quite some time. It’s not necessarily that women don’t give off clues or hints, it’s more along the lines that men don’t pick them up. This is very well one of the reasons that women choose to look outside the relationship for someone who is a little more in tune to her needs. Indications she has taken that path includes:

** You are suddenly given space.

Typically, wives enjoy spending free time with their husbands with the men moaning about things they would rather be doing. When the wife has begun an affair, she is more than happy to let her husband have as much space as he wants because then she can have hers as well. 

If she sees distant and is isolating, particularly when she was once connected and close, it means that she’s found another person who enjoys that aspect of her. It might not necessarily be a sexual relationship, but an emotional affair can sometimes be just as damaging because these get to the root of the soul and encapsulate the heart.

** There are behavioral changes when wife cheating

When the behavior becomes altered from the norm, this is when the husband begins to suspect something is happening, particularly if she has become secretive or if there’s no explanation for the change. If she can’t justify her need to go out for hours at a time or is hesitant to explain where she went, it plants the idea there’s another man. Things to pay attention for with behavior:

  • She changes the laptop screen or closes it when you come by.
  • She takes calls outside or whispers on the phone.
  • She openly flirts or puts out odd, even sensual body language with specific men.

** Your sex life has ceased.

With some marriages, this is not always an indication of cheating. There are a multitude of reasons for sexual dysfunction including health concerns. But, unfortunately, it does diminish the closeness you once shared. 

If the change comes suddenly or there is a gradual slowing, you may have a deeper problem. Despite the reasoning, it’s important to seek an expert’s help for this particular situation to determine the cause. If your wife outright refuses, you might have a cheating scenario on your hands. For an outline on some reasons why people go outside the marriage and the risks associated go to https://www.verywellmind.com/why-married-people–2300656 .  

** Instincts are usually right.

Instincts are often a good indicator when there’s something happening that shouldn’t be. You might be catching a feeling based on something she says or does or behavior that’s striking you as odd. You might even know but may simply be in denial. 

For the most part, women are bad at keeping secrets or lying, making it difficult for a wife to hide what she’s doing. Often, she will feel guilty to the point she’s unable to make eye contact and finds reasons that she can’t be alone in your company. There are fewer compliments paid to you and minimal if any declarations of love.

Rather than go through the process of sneaking around performing amateur detective work or putting her through a variety of tests that she’ll likely fail and might hurt you in the end, it’s better to openly communicate with your wife. The only way to know the absolute truth is to hear the words spoken from her.

Final Thought

It’s not easy for a partner to accept that their spouse is being unfaithful, that you’ve been betrayed by the one person in which you’ve placed all your trust, respect, and faith, and forgiving her isn’t easy, if you even can.  There are no words to soothe the hurt that’s imposed on someone going through that type of distress. 

Everyone seems to find a justification for the behavior, whether it be trauma related, unhappiness in their situation, extraordinary stress – there’s no good reason to step out on someone. 

You should walk away from the relationship before you enter into a new one. Instilling that kind of pain onto someone you at one point shared an unconditional love is not justifiable. And women are supposed to be nurturers – ouch.

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