Are There Women Who Like to Be Spanked?

women who like to be spanked

Although it may hurt, there are women who like to be spanked. Why? The sexual desire is pretty evident as it simply oomph’s up your actions in bed.

Ever since Nicki Minaj posted her song Anaconda, more and more women have given special attention to the power of their booty. Women have started wanting to look curvier and add more volume to their buttocks. Needless to say, it is one of the sexiest body parts for men and simply make women look more desirable.

Here, we will give you reasons why there are women who like to be spanked and other things they expect. It is time you know all that your lady wants from you.

Women who like to be spanked 

According to a recent study, women have fetishes that they are either afraid of or shy to speak up. Women are as kinky as men are and sometimes even more than men.

A study surveyed 1,500 women from all across the world to find out what they like in bed. More than 95% of women agreed that they like to be spanked.

This means, your partner might like it too, but you are yet to discover it. The study also mentioned that most women don’t speak up about their fantasies and men don’t discover them either.

If you want to introduce spanking in bed, you might have to take the lead as your women will never ask for it. Read ahead to know if your lady likes to be spanked on not, and how you can try it.

Do your research

As the majority of women who like to be spanked is more than the number of women who don’t, there are chances your lady will like it too. She might have never experienced it so you need to introduce it to her.

You know your girl the most and you will understand the psychology she comes from when you both are intimate. You might talk to her about this survey where most women agreed to like spanking, and casually ask her what is her take on it.

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Bring the topic in-between other romantic conversations and let her know you have been reading an article to add more sexual pleasure for the two of you. Impress her with your knowledge on spanking and how it can stimulate a sexual experience.

You will be able to understand her take on this sexual activity depending on the way she replies. Ask her if she would like to be spanked or what her take is on it.

You need to frame the question in a way like you want to please her. This will make her open up about the discussion and make her feel that you want it.

You must keep her in control of the reply to make sure you get an honest reaction. It might help you discover more sexual fantasies.

Time to experiment 

Depending on how your comfort level is with your lady, your approach will differ from another person.

An easy way to try and spank her is without scaring or shocking her. You can introduce other things in your bedroom sessions that make spanking obvious.

You can add dirty talks and touch her here and there. Ask her if she is liking the way you touch her and kiss her. Try to strike a conversation when having sex to help her open up.

When you both get comfortable into dirty talk, you can move onto introducing spanking. See how it works for both of you.

Lightly massage the lower back and tell her how sexy she is. Question her about how she likes the massage and then you can spank her lightly. Again, ask her if it is something she liked and pay attention to the body language.

By then you will realize if she is enjoying it or is trying to keep you happy by agreeing to it. Spanking can be used as an experiment to see how she reacts to it. The best way to introduce this to her is by trying out different kinky moves in the bed.

Why do women like to be spanked?

If you’re wondering why women like to be spanked even when it might hurt, here are some legit reasons:

1. Power is sexy

Although women love to lead at times, they love it more when their men take the lead. When you take control and show how you want it to go, they find the power sexy. Women love to see men take control in the bedroom. They love to be dominated and want you to take control. Make sure you don’t hurt her while doing the action to not mess up.

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2. Spices up the role play

Even people who are heaven in bed can become stagnant when they have the same routine. Both men and women like to try new things, especially when they only get intimate with one person.

To spice up the excitement, you need to try kinky things and bring a variety with every move! It is not just about trying a different position while doing it. Its also about how you build the move.

Women love to be seduced and hate people who think that they are the ones to lead in this case. Spanking can be an interesting way to spice things up and you never know where it heads!

3. Increases intimacy

When you share new sexual experiences with your partner, it brings you two close. This is not just in term of sexual actions but also in daily life. From trying new restaurants to creating a piece of art, every new thing can bring you too together.

When you try new things in bed, you are making more memories and strengthening the bond. According to a study, couples who try BDSM have a hormonal attraction that leads to an increase in the level of intimacy.

We don’t recommend you to buy whips or chains to make things painful, but you can always try things that make the process romantic.

4. Feels good

Many women like how they feel when they are getting spanked. You might think they don’t like it, but they do. It works like an unpredicted stimulus that fires up their dopamine all of a sudden. Enough of dopamine can give her an early orgasm and keep the mood high for long.

Final thoughts

No matter how you plan to try it on your girl, make sure it is enjoyable for her. Hurting her or disappointing her can make the entire experience bad for both of you.

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