WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results


WWE RAW is a platform that witnesses ups and downs regularly. This is precisely why its fan following across the world is numerous, and people admire the wrestlers. The WWE RAW results are the most anticipated thing that anyone can think of on the internet. Since we have observed that the internet has become a friend of almost every person and people like to ask questions here, but not all questions get the desired response, but there are a few phenomena that do get the desired response. The WWE RAW results can be categorized among those few phenomena. One of the most important things that happened on the platform of RAW was the ending of the alliance of AJ Styles and Olmos.

However, none of us anticipated this moment coming. But it happened, and this happened as a result of their loss against Mysterios in a match. 

As a result, now Omos is extremely anxious to meet his former partner in the ring and fight as an opponent. This might be something truly new for the viewers. A similar team of Maryse and The Miz were rumored to have been struggling with their differences, but they have cut the head of these rumors recently, and they have confirmed that it was nothing serious. Plus, the platform also witnessed Bobby Lashley team up with the Big E only to come against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. This was a huge turn in the history of RAW, and surely it made the fans all over the world stick to their screens to watch the results of their fight. Although there were some other factors too that need discussion, their effect on the platform was extremely insignificant.

An overview of the WWE RAW results 

Although it is extremely interesting to know that what happened outside the ring on the platform but the thing that matters the most is the results of the fights that took place inside the ring, and those are the ones that matter the most. This is precisely why we are going to discuss the results of the fights that took place on the platform of WWE RAW and how what were the major factors involved. The results of all the fights have been mentioned below for the enhancement of the knowledge of the fans all over the globe:

Riddle vs. Gable/ Otis vs. Randy Orton

This was the first one that you might have witnessed this week. This fight started with Riddle vs. Gable. Although in the start Gable proved to have the upper hand and tried extremely hard to pin down his opponent, but later on, Riddle proved that he had the upper hand in the ring all along, and without spending much time, he slammed Gable down and showed him the way back to the pavilion. Later on, a match between Otis and Randy Orton took place once the break came to an end. Although both opponents tried extremely hard to get the upper hand on one another with powerful moves, Randy Orton finished the job with a single RKO and got his win.

Riddle vs. Gable/ Otis vs. Randy Orton

Reggie and Dana vs. Tamina and R Truth

A teaming up of Reggie and Dana took place against Tamina and R Truth. Truth made the first heavy blow on Reggie and got the upper hand. But Reggie also responded with some marvelous tactics and extremely amazing kicks to take her back to her corner. A back blow from Tamina ended her series of kicks, but as soon as Truth tagged in, the game was over, and Reggie pulled her down for good, and the pin got its count resulting in a pin for Reggie and Dana.

The Mysterious and Street Profits

A tag match between Mysterios and street profits was the most highly anticipated match because the winner would have got a chance against RK-Bro. Since this was a title shot and a tag team match, therefore everybody gave their best. Although the match started with Dominic Mysterio and Montez Ford, and both struggled hard in the start, but later on, both wrestlers tagged their mates in. Both of them gave a tough time to each but later on, another tag brought the first pair in the ring. A 619 from Rey Mysterio was inevitable for Ford. Although the match had high energy, it ended up in a win for the Street Profits.

The Mysterious and Street Profits

AJ Styles Vs. Apollo Crews

The promo of the famous AJ Styles was interrupted by the Apollo Crews, and a challenging match took place. Although the heavy start from Styles gained his power in the ring, Crews recovered immediately. The moves from both ends were marvelous and a treat for the eyes. Both of them struggled harder to ensure their victory, but the winning title ended up with the name of AJ Styles.

Cedric Alexander and Kevin Owens

A match took place between Kevin Owens and Alexander. Kevin Owens took control in the ring from the start and didn’t let Alexandar recover. Although Cedrick made a little effort, Owens took him down for good, naming another victory for himself.

Cedric Alexander and Kevin Owens

Damien Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler

Damien Priest surely knows how to put up a show, and he risked his US championship to prove it. This is precisely why he ended up getting a match with Ziggler, and some heavy moves were exchanged between both opponents; therefore, people stopped even their breath while witnessing the show that ended up in a very vigorous win for Damien Priest.

The vows of Miz and Maryse

Both phenomenal personalities renewed their wedding vows on the screen in the WWE RAW ring. This is something extraordinary that might not have been witnessed on any other platform.

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The sweet and sour tour of the WWE RAW yielded the perfect results that anyone could have wanted from this session. The fans are waiting when the new events will start, and they will see their favorite wrestlers in the ring fighting for the victory.

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