How to relieve itchy feet after running

How to relieve itchy feet after running

How to relieve itchy feet after running?

  • At least once per day, wash your feet with a gentle soap and scrub brush. The shower in the morning or evening is the ideal time to accomplish this. After cleaning, it’s crucial to properly dry your feet. Pay extra attention between your toes because any moisture there can quickly encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Make sure to constantly clean your toenails and to regularly trim them so they are short.
  • Use a foot file to remove the rough, dead skin from your feet. When moist, hard skin becomes squishy and mushy, providing a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria.
  • At the very least, switch your socks every day. You should change your socks more frequently if you’re in a warm atmosphere, working out, or in any other condition where your feet can perspire.
  • Every other day, switch between wearing two pairs of shoes. By doing this, each pair is given a full day to completely dry out after being exposed to sweat or moisture before being worn again. Your shoes’ insoles can be taken out to encourage further drying. Bacteria can spread more quickly to your feet when wearing wet shoes.
  • Opt for absorbent socks to prevent moisture from building up on your feet. These include sports socks or thick, plush socks made of natural fibers.
  • When it’s warm outside, put on open-toed sandals, and when it’s acceptable inside, remove your shoes to keep your feet dry.
  • Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or could hold moisture.
  • Every night, apply a small amount of rubbing pain-relieving cream to your feet. If you suffer from itching frequently, use the best foot care kit. This will result in dry feet. And it will help to eliminate skin itching.
  • Once a day, apply medicated foot powder or an antifungal foot spray on your feet.
  • Put antiperspirant insoles with medicine in your shoes.
  • It is fine to spray antiperspirant or deodorant on your feet if you need to reduce foot odor right away.
  • Find the antifungal and antibacterial soap that works best for you by experimenting with a few different kinds.


Why not use mouthwash to destroy bacteria and germs on your feet if it kills them in your mouth? Its antiseptic qualities function to keep dangerous bacteria and fungus at bay. After soaking the infected region for 30 minutes in a solution of equal parts mouthwash and white vinegar, gently scrub the toenail area. Repeat a couple of times every day until the foot fungus disappears. Make sure you are familiar with these natural athlete’s foot treatments.

Lavender oil

In addition to having antibacterial qualities, lavender oil also soothes irritated skin. Apply lavender oil to your foot with a cotton ball, let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes, and then rinse it off. Repeat many times every day. The toenail fungus therapy that podiatrists advise is this one.

apple cider vinegar

Natural therapies like apple cider vinegar, which is somewhat acidic, help to regulate the pH of the skin. Additionally, it kills bacteria and fungi and aids in stopping the spread of the fungus. Every day for 30 minutes, immerse the affected area in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Afterwards, be careful to completely dry your feet so that it keeps your feet away from itching..

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