ISSB Call Letter Status Check Online 2022

ISSB Call Letter Status Check Online 2022


Armed forces are the most reputed organization of the Pakistan government. Therefore, the aspirants of joining these armed forces are in millions. The ISSB call letter status check online 2022 is the question trending on the internet by the internet geeks and the aspirants who want to become of the reputed armed forces of Pakistan. Once the armed forces aspirants pass the preliminary examinations and tests, then the very first step that they face is the ISSB. This stands for the Inter-Services Selection Board. To go through this test, you are summoned to different establishments of the armed forces designated for recruitment, where you have to pass several tests and exercises.

But all of this will happen if you get the call letter from the recruitment wing of the armed forces. Therefore, since the world has witnessed innovation in almost all of the sectors, this is precisely why the esteemed armed forces of Pakistan have also made the process of recruitment digital. Now you can apply and check the status f your applications online. Whether you want to apply for the preliminary tests of the armed forces or want to check the ISSB call letter, you will find every single process digitalized. Therefore, for the people who are in search of knowledge and information on how they can check the status of their ISSB call letter online, this is the perfect place. Here you will get all the relevant information along with all kinds of tips and techniques that will help you in your future too.

ISSB is an organization dedicated to the selection of the officers of the next generation

ISSB is an organization that is solely dedicated to choosing the officers of the next generation; therefore, the standards that they have kept are extremely high. This is an esteemed but extremely important duty. They are assigned with the task to select the officers of Pakistan, army, Pakistan navy, Pakistan air force, and intelligence services. But this process is not in continuation. In fact, it takes place only when the recruitments are announced by the armed forces. Once the advertisement is made public. The aspirants are asked to submit their applications on the online recruitment portal of their designated force. Later on, once your documents are tested by the designated headquarters of the particular force in question, you will be called for a test on the premises of the recruitment center of the force that you are aspiring for.

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You have to pass through all of the initial tests to make sure that you stand worthy of an ISSB call letter. Once you have passed the written or online on-premises test, then a specific date will be assigned to take your physical examination test. You have to ensure that you pass all the physical tests, including the one-mile run-up, Pushups, pullups, ditch crossing, and sit-ups. 

If you have passed all of the physical examination tests with flying colors, then another date will be assigned for your medical examination. This preliminary medical examination will include height, weight, eyesight, and similar major medical findings. Passing this test is also a must for recruitment. The last step of the preliminary process that opens the doors of ISSB for you is the preliminary interview. The interview is conducted, and if you witness your name on the merit list of the passing candidates, then you should start your waiting period for the ISSB call letter.

The step by step procedure of ISSB call letter status check online 2022

Step 1

Before checking the status of your ISSB call letter, you must ensure that whether the letter is issued to the other aspirants in your batch or not. This might help you in getting an idea. Since this particular letter is not immediately assigned to the person in question once he clears his preliminary tests. Therefore, if you have a contact applying in a similar batch, then it might be advantageous for you. If the others have received the letter and you are still hanging out in the middle, then still there is nothing to worry about. Because our esteemed armed forces and their officials have developed the portal where ISSB call letter status online check 2022 can be conducted.

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Step 1

To do so, you must have an electronic gadget that is a computer or mobile phone with internet connectivity available and functioning. Later on, you must take the cursor to the finding bar and type the official website of ISSB ( Now let the page load for a few moments. When the loading status is complete, you will find the “Call Letter” mentioned on the top. Now you should click on this button and move on to the second step.

Step 2

Once the button is clicked, then a new tab will open in front of you. It will inquire your CNIC. What you have to do is type the CNIC number mentioned on your National ID card or Form-B in the format specified by the portal. Once you are finished typing the CNIC, then you must click on the “Submit” button. 

Step 2

Step 3

Once your CNIC is submitted to the portal, then a totally new tab will open in front of you, and it will depict all your details. These details include:

  • ID card number
  • Recruitment center number
  • Name
  • Father name 
  • ISSB
  • Starting date
  • End date
  • City of ISSB
  • Course:

This information is provided to you based on your CNIC. If you have entered an incorrect CNIC or the CNIC is not registered in the record, then this information will not appear in front of you at all. Thus, in that case, you will not receive the call letter.

Step 3


As compared to the past processes, the modern process is much easier and convenient. Thus, you can check the status of your application with some taps on the screen and a few clicks. ISSB call letter status check online 2022 can be conducted with the help of the above-mentioned information. The step-by-step guidance will help you in figuring out your application status.

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