3 Reasons Developers Should Hire an Arborist 

Hire an Arborist 

Beautiful landscaping in front and backyards of homes on sale can attract more potential homeowners to purchase a property. Developers can use professionals when landscaping their development projects for the best results. There are many factors to consider when planting trees, shrubs, and flowers on a property, and that is why developers need to hire an arborist. 

Who is an Arborist?

An arborist is a professional who is an arboricultural expert. It is the study of trees, the different varieties, environments they thrive in, and proper care for the trees. An arborist can advise the best trees to plant in a specific location depending on the climate, soil types, and proximity to infrastructure. 

They also do soil tests, take measurements of the property, and consider the location and climate of the area before making a comprehensive report. An arborist report includes recommendations for trees, shrubs, and flowers on the property. You can choose the trees you like or give an arborist free rein to landscaping on your property. 

Why Should You Hire an Arborist?

Having an arborist on your property development team may not seem helpful, but you need one. Here are three reasons why developers need an arborist.

  • To Increase Property Value

Housing estate developers understand that properties with beautiful lawns have a higher value, and they attract more potential homeowners than those with plain yards. No one wants to go through designing and landscaping their yard. 

Therefore, potential homeowners are willing to pay more to buy a property with incredible landscaping. The property price will be highest when trees and shrubs offer privacy and don’t require much care to thrive. 

  • To Ensure Safety 

Keeping an arborist on retainer ensures that none of your properties has unmaintained trees. Trees need regular pruning to ensure branches don’t veer into infrastructure. Also, arborists can remove dead or uprooted trees by harsh weather conditions like storms. 

Broken branches can cause harm to property dwellers, especially if there are children on the property. Dead trees can also fall at unforeseen times and hurt someone.

Taking proper care of the trees on your property will ensure safety for everyone on the property. 

  • For The Excellent Ambience 

Trees have a way of creating a calming environment around your property. Trees also offer property from nosy neighbors, and you can enjoy your afternoons in your backyard, away from prying eyes. Trees provide oxygen, and they can make the air around your property feel refreshing.


Also, mature trees provide shade, and they can be an excellent place to hang a swing or hammock in summer. Moreover, mature trees act as windbreakers, and they will protect your property from strong winds. Finally, excellent landscaping increases the curb appeal of our home. Green is a beautiful color, and having healthy trees and shrubs will transform your property into a green haven. 

Get the Most Out of Your Property With an Arborist

Property developers need an arborist report to get the landscaping of a property right on the first attempt. Working with an arborist will increase the developer’s profit margins because excellent landscaping increases curb appeal and value. It’s proven that well-landscaped properties attract more potential buyers and reduce the marketing efforts necessary to sell properties. 


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