4 Essential Characteristics of Commercial AC Units

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Do you need an air conditioning unit for commercial use? It’s projected that commercially-installed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ((HVAC) comprises at least 9% of Australia’s electricity production, according to Cool Tools.net. In certain situations, it’s more practical to install commercial ac units compared to AC units for small rooms, for example.

Here are some vital features to help you choose wisely when picking a commercial air-conditioner:


There are various types of commercial AC systems to pick from just like HVAC systems. When selecting an AC unit for your company, it’s critical to know the main types and benefits so you can choose wisely.

One of the most popular units is “packaged systems.” These are standalone units that are contained in a single cabinet. This makes the units space/energy-efficient. They’re a practical option if you’re installing them in a small space or want to reduce power bills.

A packaged system is a practical option if you want certain features. They include cooler and less humid indoor temperatures during the summer, and quiet operation. You can easily operate these AC units throughout the year, including late summer and early fall, for example.


You should also consider the size of a commercial air conditioner to help you select the best one for your situation.

 For example, the “bigger is better” rule doesn’t always apply.

If you’re cooling a small office, then a large AC unit will require lots of energy and increase energy bills. In fact, it could also boost indoor humidity, which is something you’ll want to avoid during the hot days of summer.

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On the other hand, if an AC system is too small, then it won’t cool an area very well. That could make the system less efficient and your workers very hot and uncomfortable. It could then affect their productivity and efficiency.

It’s important to get some expert advice to make sure you’re picking a commercial AC that’s the right size for your workplace. This will help to keep everyone cool, including when the electric bill arrives.


Besides the unit’s type and size, you should also consider how efficient it is. This includes various factors, including air quality and reliability. These are all related issues because it’s important that the AC unit is consistently working effectively.

The AC’s filtration system is critical to make sure your workers are breathing in fresh air even if they’re indoors. This is an important factor in general but especially for employees with breathing issues like asthma or allergies.

Reliability is another key factor for various reasons. This will help to provide cool air for your workers on a consistent basis. It can also help to reduce repair costs, which can add up quickly based on factors like the unit’s type and size.

Local Climate

Australia’s climates can range from hot summers to snowy winters. It’s important to select an AC unit that can withstand extreme climates and especially dry and hot climates. The right unit can keep workers cool and comfy regardless of the outdoor temperature.

When selecting among commercial ac units, there are lots of options to take up. They include a particular AC model’s type, size and efficiency. Choosing wisely can help you select an AC unit that is perfect in terms of power, efficiency, and reliability.

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