4 Reasons to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Early

There are many reasons why it pays to renew your medical marijuana card early. After all, the early bird gets the worm as long as they go digging in the soft earth. They’ll get nothing but a sore beak from pecking concrete, silly bird. 

MMJ patients who wait too long may also wind up feeling rather foolish. In many states, it isn’t a question of getting it done in a day. It can be a long-winded bureaucratic nightmare as program officials get some sadistic pleasure in forcing you to dot the ‘I’ in your name. Apparently, your name is Jlmmy, not Jimmy, which is reason enough to send your application back. 

In any case, I’m about to hit you with a knowledge bomb. The knowledge being four reasons why you better get moving early with MMJ card renewal. 

1 – Seamless Transition

Renew early, and things will feel as comfortable as your favorite pair of pants. Wait too long, and you’ll get the feeling that you’re walking around all day in extra-tight underwear. 

What you want is uninterrupted access to your MMJ. If your card expires without you renewing it, your treatment plan gets interrupted, which may have dire consequences depending on the severity of your condition. It can take several weeks to reapply, and the process is often more expensive than when you renew.

Suppose you use MMJ to help you get to sleep. There’s plenty of data outlining the efficacy of weed for this purpose. Without access to marijuana, your insomnia suddenly takes over, a fact that has a terrible impact on your life. You’re late for work, zombie-like in meetings, and oblivious to the fact that you went to the office wearing only your extra-tight underwear. 

It’s also important to double-check the rules of your state’s MMJ program. For example, in some states, your card may expire at midnight on the date of expiration printed on the card. This means you can’t actually buy weed on that day. So, in reality, the last day you can purchase marijuana products is the day BEFORE your card expires. I hope that makes sense!

2 – Regulatory Compliance

The term “regulatory compliance” is as terrifying as the sentence “my mother is coming over to visit,” when uttered by a spouse. However, it is a necessary evil as the MMJ landscape continues to change and evolve. States are constantly changing their rules, with alterations in possession limits, dosing, and the availability of products.

When you renew your MMJ card early, you can stay up-to-date with the latest regulations. Take the opportunity to see if there are any important changes to the program while you renew. 

It’s also essential to consider the legal protection offered by a medical marijuana card. If you allow your card to expire, you lose this important shield. The penalties for illegal marijuana possession are rather severe in most states, even those with MMJ programs.

For instance, in Florida, with your medical marijuana card, you can legally buy and possess up to 2.5 ounces of smokable weed every 35 days. However, if you’re found with any amount of cannabis and no MMJ card, you could spend up to a year in jail. Furthermore, the possession of marijuana concentrates is a felony. If convicted, you could be sentenced to five years in prison. So, it is imperative that you renew on time to avoid a legal catastrophe.

3 – Keep Your Doctor Happy

In some cases, you may need a second opinion about a qualifying condition and treatment plan, or else you simply must change providers. Perhaps you have moved town, or else you find out that your physician is a Jets fan. Either way, having an updated MMJ card is vital when transitioning between doctors.

Remember, you will need to move your treatment plan and medical records. It’s a whole lot easier when you have an updated card. By the way, doctors are one of the few entities who can see if you have a medical marijuana card.

Even if you plan to use the same doctor, early renewal shows a level of responsibility for your healthcare, which is likely to improve the patient-doctor relationship. It is also worth noting that in many states, regular follow-ups are a standard part of their MMJ programs. They enable the doctor to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan if necessary. Overall, these appointments are a crucial part of ensuring you get the best care.

4 – Planning 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The age-old mantra certainly applies when it comes to renewing your medical marijuana card. If you don’t renew on time, you make things very difficult for yourself. By contrast, early renewal enables you to plan for the future and gives you tremendous peace of mind.

Let’s face it: medical conditions are unpredictable, and it’s entirely possible that you could experience unexpected changes in your health, for better or for worse. When you renew ahead of time, you’re somewhat prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, so you have MMJ access at the time you require it the most.

Also, it is impossible to say how long the renewal process will take. A state program may claim it takes 5-10 working days, but delays could happen. So, when you renew a few weeks in advance, you should have few issues.

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card Early Makes Sense

In simple terms, you’ll make your life a lot easier by renewing your MMJ card early. There’s no good reason to delay, and saying you forgot because of excessive marijuana use doesn’t look great! Ultimately, when you renew early, you guarantee uninterrupted access to your medicine continued legal protection, and you also keep a healthy relationship with your physician.

In most states, you can renew within 30 days of your MMJ card expiring. In certain locations, it is possible to renew between 60 and 90 days before your card’s expiration date. Take advantage of this window and begin the renewal process today. 



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