4 Types of Loft Storage You Can Add to Your Garage

4 Types of Loft Storage You Can Add to Your Garage

If you wish to add more storage space to your garage without consuming any floor space, then using garage loft storage should be the best option. You can store many unnecessary items on the loft storage without any problem. Aside from the garage, the loft storage is also applicable to the bedroom, warehouse, and the house. So here are the types of loft storage you can add to your garage.

Benefits of Adding Loft Storage to Your Garage

Before we get into the list, you need to know the benefits of having a loft storage. The garage is the area where the items that people rarely use are being stored. And if the space area is your concern, then we’re sure that everyone will agree that it’s better to have more floor space. If you might ask, what are the benefits or reasons you have to add a loft storage?

One of the valid answers would be to have additional space. With the loft storage, it’s possible to expand the floor space you have by two times the size. Besides the storage space, your loft will also function as the living or recreational area. You can place mattresses and old furniture in your garage and fill the room with those items. In addition to that, this storage type can also help you add more value to your property.

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More prominent families would require more floor space, and with the loft storage in the garage, it should be a factor in sealing the deal. Overall, it would help if you considered other factors like your budget, garage structure, and building codes.

List of Different Loft Storage

In general, loft storage has different functions. With that, here are the common types of loft storage that you can use today:

1.      Loft Garage Storage

Another function for the loft storage is for your garage. There are many ways to add more storage space to your garage, and one of them is using loft storage. But there are times that different ideas won’t help you, and you’ll still need to add more space. For places that need serious storage, loft storage in the garage should be the perfect answer.

2.      Loft Warehouse Storage

Many businesses also use loft storage for their warehouse to hold the inventories. With this type of storage solution, companies can save a lot of money because it’s cheap and inexpensive. With a loft warehouse, a business can create more floor space without the need to rent or move for additional storage space.

3.      Loft House Storage

In New York City and industrial neighborhoods such as Soho and Tribeca, a loft house is common and widespread. Loft houses define a liveable home in a former industrial building. With their aesthetic appeal and unique architecture, lofts are quite pricey than the standard apartments. A typical loft apartment has higher ceilings and larger windows. Also, windows and floors in the loft house are thicker.

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4.      Loft Bedroom Storage

A lot of modern houses add loft storage for visual value. A loft bedroom is also standard in small apartments and condo units. With that, it is also a practical way to live in the garage loft. If you utilize its vertical space, there will be a more usable space area in the property. And people can also add more space without the need to spend more cash on construction.


Adding loft storage to your house or garage is perfect if you want to have more floor space in the area. With loft storage, it’s easy to store unneeded items and remove them in the areas you want to free up more space.

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