5 Best Mold Manufacturing Industry in China


Mold industry is an industry that is extremely important for the continuous growth of development of the country’s various manufacturing industries, including the production of metal products plastic products, rubber products, and others. There are many types of molds used, depending on the material, such as metal molds, plastic molds, rubber molds, glass molds, and others. The molds that are most commonly used both at home and abroad include metal molds and plastic molds. They are also used in almost every industry, such as the parts and automotive industries, electrical appliances, electronics industry, toy industry, and the plastic product industry, etc. 

There are thousands of mold manufacturing companies, so its hard but the most crucial step to choose the right mold producer for your product as mold will be the base of your product. Here in this article, we are going to detail an analysis of some of the best mold production industries in China. 

1. TDL Mould Company 

   – Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

   – Contact:  +86-0769-8228 8296

   – Founded in: 1995

   – Website: tdlmould.com

   – Company Strengths: 

TDL Plastic Mould Company is known as a factory that produces good quality plastic molds at affordable prices.  Plastic mold making product design, mold design, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, plastic injection molding, and CNC Machining. plastic injection molds.

The main strengths of the company are its team of professional engineers, quick service, affordable price, and excellent service.

TDL Plastic Mould Company is a Chinese company with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing molds and plastic injection molding work. The company has seen the potential for business growth in the mold industry internationally. 

The company always updates itself with modern machinery and technologies. Many processes are automated to develop molds, which allow them to build confidence and receive maximum satisfaction from customers in terms of quality, including competitive prices and responding to business customer service in various industries. 

The company works with HASCO, DME & LKM standards and has ISO9001 certification for quality management, IATF16949:2016, and ISO 13485:2016 certification for factory management.

2. LKM Metal Products Co., Ltd

   – Location: Heyuan, China

   – Contact: (86) 0762-3210 502, (86) 0571-8213 3283 

   – Founded in: 1975

   – Company Strengths: 

Lung Kee Group was founded in Hong Kong, China and is a world-renowned mold manufacturer. It provides mold services such as standard mold bases, customized mold bases, high-precision interchangeable templates, production and sales of mold base spare parts, and mold steel. Today, the group has production plants in many countries in Asia and delivers its product in the Asian, European, American, and Australian markets.

The company obtained ISO certification for its mold bases, mold parts, and steel distribution operations systems called ISO9001:2015 which is international quality system certification.

The current mold base by the company is applied in many products related to a number of industries such as automobiles, aerospace, daily necessities, electrical communications, medical products and equipment, etc.

The company aims to win the recognition and trust of customers with quality and sincere service that exceeds customer expectations.

3. Hebi (Tianjin) Electronic Co., Ltd

   – Location: Tianjin, China

   – Founded in: 1992

   – Company Strengths: 

Hebi (Tianjin) Electronic Co., Ltd company’s business lines are centered around the area of ​​mold production, especially for different electronics and automotive products.  The company has been operating for more than 20 years and solving  many of its  customers’ problems by implementing practical process reforms and providing optimal solutions. The company has many branches throughout the country due to its successful performance. The strength of the company is its ability to propose realistic problem-solving solutions using the latest technology, process optimization, and preliminary verification through solution implementation. They provide services with the latest technologies like use of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM (PLM).  To ensure the quality of their products they have done IATF16949.

4. Baodeshiqin (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

   – Location: Suzhou, China

   – Founded in: 1989

   – Company Strengths:

Baodeshiqin (Suzhou) Company Limited Is a mold production company to form plastic injection molding and stamping parts combination . The company started plastic injection molding of children’s toy equipment in 1989 and has expanded to other plastic injection molding products, continued until the present, such as car accessories, furniture accessories, automotive, home appliances, electric parts, and others according to the design by the resulting pieces. 

It is a company that specializes in mold production and which is accepted by every industry. The factory provides services starting from the mold design process with a professional team to producing mold parts and assembling the entire mold. The team pays attention to details in every step of creating the mold. Therefore, you can be assured that every piece of work is of high quality and meets the required standards without worry. 

5. Perlos (Guangzhou) Industrial Plastic Co., Ltd

   – Location: Guangzhou, China

   – Founded in: 1990

   – Company Strengths

Perlos company was first originated more than a decade ago. In Guangzhou, China, the company opened its branch in 1990.  The company is providing services on its domestic land and also internationally all around the world. Perlos give you a complete package, they   design, create, and sell electronics, machines and mechanical appliances.

The major specialty of the company is plastic molds for electronic devices and mobile devices such as cases, covers, and mobile parts. The company proved itself in the industry in just a few years because of production technology and Professional skills development. Their products have the same quality and standards as leading mold manufacturers but prices are very cheap and affordable. They always help customers to add value and create capabilities and products with highly competitive advantages in each industry


Mold making companies and Mold production that user trust has a lot of expertise and experience in manufacturing molds with various materials, For anyone who doesn’t know how to design themselves, these manufactures or molds provide design services and proper guidance also. For more understanding and having the quality molds for your products you can contact us or visit or website, we will definitely get back to you for assistance.

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